Building Your Business a Strong Online Presence in Santa Barbara: What We Do

Getting Started

Social Spice Media Santa Barbara is the complete package when it comes to developing and managing an online presence. Through high end website development, we are able to construct a personalized website that is competitive for generating traffic with your target audience. We accomplish this goal by building search engine optimized websites, drafting personalized content, logo design, and of course, managing marketing campaigns for social media and search engines. We can target local markets like Santa Barbara or national and international markets.

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Building Momentum

Social media marketing takes time to set up, but once up and running, it’s a very effective engine that will continue to grow and produce results month after month. Once it starts to grow, it’s hard to stop! We work with you to map out a social media marketing plan that keeps your company’s best interests in mind and works with you and your marketing team to build towards your goals. Our social media advertising products are fully customizable, with plenty of a la carte options!

Monitoring Feedback and Building On It!

Social media is not effective if you don’t know what’s working and what’s not. Feedback from Social Spice Media is accessible 24 hours a day, allowing you to correct problems if they arise. Your brand can be impacted in seconds.

Take this U-Haul story for example. A blogger with more than 21,000 followers tweeted about his negative experience with the brand. The conversation snowballed and in a few hours, U-Haul lost thousands of dollars. Their brand suffered long-term damage, all because U-Haul didn’t understand the power of today’s social media savvy customer.

As long as you create an outpost where you can monitor what people are saying, this won’t happen to you. Social media management has three benefits: you can address your customer’s concerns; you can receive immediate market feedback; and it demonstrates that you are listening and are responsive. Give us a call today and get your company set up with our online marketing services!

Give us a call today and get your company set up with the best social media marketing services!

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Website Design Services

The key to online success is a beautiful, fully optimized website that brings your brand to life and educates customers about your products or services! We offer our clients a comprehensive website building service that is intended to make them stand out in their industry. Website development includes a custom site map, several pages of custom curated content, and search engine optimization on all pages. Social Spice Media helps you unlock your company’s true potential through professional content development.
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Search Engine Optimization Santa Barbara

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) are the unwritten rules that govern page rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, or Bing. Social Spice Media keeps a careful eye on these trends to make sure your website is competitive on its relative keywords!

Search Engine Marketing Santa Barbara

Search Engine Marketing(SEM)

SEM works by optimizing your company’s advertising spend to get your ads to appear in favorable positions on the Internet’s top search engines, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Let us help you get started building your brand and generating leads with effective, targeted Search Engine Marketing Campaigns.

Video Marketing Santa Barbara

Video Production

What better way to tell your company’s story than through a video vignette? Social Spice Media helps your company produce a professional video for any variety of purposes. Whether you want to develop a high-end commercial, or a vlog that you can share via social media, we have the tools to make it possible! After we produce a video you’re satisfied with, Social Spice Media will help you promote the video on all your social media platforms.

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Social Media Management

Social media is word of mouth on steroids. People are more apt than ever to share their personal thoughts on social media, and the shift in marketing is reflecting these changes. Building a brand isn’t solely about numbers. It’s about attracting an audience that will be an asset throughout your brand’s lifetime. For a brand to be successful today, it has to distinguish itself amid the noise of thousands of others vying for attention on the same social media platforms.

  • Percentage of customers that use social media for advice before buying 81%
  • Percentage of customers that trust social media recommendations 78%
  • Percentage of customers that access social media for product reviews before buying 68%

With social media marketing, satisfied customers do much of the legwork for you by promoting your business directly to other consumers.

Graphic Design and Logo Design Santa Barbara

Logo Design

Start building brand awareness with a customized, professional logo for your brand! An effective logo is designed to be immediately recognizable, informative, and unforgettable. Our team of graphic designers will create a logo that represents your business style and needs. From basic to elaborate, logos are essential to creating a memorable online brand.

Additional Santa Barbara Marketing Services:

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social media marketing services

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YouTube Postings

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In-depth Social Media Audit

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Advertising on Twitter

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Pinterest account and maintenance

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LinkedIn Profile Management

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Consulting, intake and brainstorming

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Social Media Loyalty Programs

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Content development

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Social Contests and Sweepstakes

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Strategic Social Media Marketing plans

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Blog Creation and Management

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Google+ setup and management

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