The Benefits Of A PR Campaign

The Benefits Of A PR Campaign

70% of consumers prefer getting to know a company via articles rather than ads (PR Daily News). If you’re looking to increase the presence of your small business, a PR campaign can go a long way towards helping you achieve your marketing goals. Advertising, social media, SEO, content marketing and other channels can all be great for exposure, but many small business owners tend to forget the value of PR, which in some cases can be free, except for the time you put into developing media relationships. So what benefits can you expect to see from your ongoing PR efforts? Here are several ways in which PR campaigns can benefit small businesses.  

Increased Awareness Of Your Business

This is a fairly obvious benefit of PR campaigns. You can get your products and services in front of more consumers, and as a result, gain more customers. PR is a valuable marketing channel for supplementing your direct marketing or advertising efforts. If you receive ongoing coverage, your company will gain the appearance of “being everywhere”, projecting an image that’s much bigger than what your company may be in actuality, and keeping your company ‘top of mind’.  

Increased Credibility

One of the main benefits of PR is increased credibility. If a third party news outlet or blog covers your product or service, it looks less spammy to the reader. Consumers might have a tendency to ignore or overlook ads, but if your new product receives coverage on one of their favorite blogs or magazines, or is recommended to them, their perception of your business/product is going to be considerably different. A boost in credibility often translates into more sales. So not only does PR get you in front of more people, you can also gain the trust of the consumers in the process.  

Higher Rankings In Search

This is not a guarantee by any means, but PR campaigns can be used to boost your rankings in search. When you receive coverage from high profile blogs and news outlets, you’ll also receive more inbound links to your website. A press release that’s distributed to multiple outlets can also have the same effect. Moreover, articles on established platforms are very likely to rank well for your terms (such as your company name) in search. As long as the coverage is positive, this can only help you to gain more visibility online.  

Reduced Marketing Expenses

Another potential benefit of PR is cost efficiency. Some PR can be obtained entirely for free. Some opportunities will only cost you a little bit of money. In the long run, the cost of PR is likely to be much less than advertising or direct marketing, though it can still take a significant amount of time and effort to create the effective messaging and angles. The ROI on PR can also be much greater than other forms of marketing. As was already pointed out, it has a better chance of influencing consumer perspective compared to other channels.  

Increased Opportunity

A properly executed PR campaign can lead to stories in newspapers and magazines, TV and radio appearances, public appearances, and other opportunities that can really help you grow your small business. Other types of marketing don’t always lead to additional opportunities. You spend a certain amount of money to acquire customers, and when you average it out, you end up with your acquisition cost. However, the long tail effect of PR can be quite invaluable for small businesses looking to expand, as readers may discover articles months or even years after they are published.  

Final Thoughts

Brian Greene believes that PR will also serve to get more people involved in noteworthy causes and campaigns such as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (PR News). Although other marketing channels can certainly help you gain exposure and grow your business, if you aren’t looking at PR as a viable opportunity just yet, it may be time to start thinking about how you can mobilize your team to leverage PR. Establishing your brand doesn’t have to take forever. By utilizing PR, you can really cut through the noise, build your credibility, and start serving more customers. Are you looking for help with your PR campaigns? Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your next project!