Reputation Management for Your Brand

Reputation Management for Your Brand

Have you Googled yourself lately? For some, it’s fun to see all of the information that’s floating around out there on the Internet – an accolade in the local newspaper, maybe their LinkedIn profile, or some things they’ve published online. Some will experience the singular thrill of stumbling across their 10-year old MySpace profile. For others, it may be unsettling. Are there negative reviews left about you as a business owner? What about your business specifically? These types of web pages that appear in search results can be damaging to your reputation and harmful to your business. You risk losing revenue simply due to diminished credibility. The more people that find these not-so-nice reviews or other types of negative information, the greater chance your business is at risk for being branded with a bad reputation.

  The most common example of this stems from sites like Ripoff Report, whose slogan is: Don’t let them get away with it! Let the truth be known! Sounds friendly, huh? You must be thinking, how can I get myself off a website like that? Is my reputation tarnished for life because of one upset customer who wanted the “truth to be known”? Not quite. This is where Social Spice Media comes in. There are ways to move those pages further down the search engine rankings, if not get your name off the site completely. We can work to push those results to lower rankings so people don’t end up seeing them. They’ll only see them if they take it upon themselves to go to the second page of Google, and if you’ve read our blog post about that page, you know they most likely aren’t going there. It takes too much of their time to go farther than they need to find what they’re looking for.

  Not all reputation management depends on your performance online. You’re going to have to make sure you deliver excellent customer service to keep your customers and potential reviewers happy, and pay attention to their voice online. Think about Yelp for a moment. A few bad reviews on Yelp hardly means anything when there is a surplus of good ones. Most consumers understand that there is always that one person who cannot be satisfied or just had a bad day.

  Lucky for you, your success on Yelp is also something we have some control over. Though businesses don’t have the privilege of deleting member reviews, they do have the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to solve customer service issues and build a reputation as a business that cares about its customers. Let’s say you get that bad review every once in a while. Our social media experts will respond to the reviewer and work with the unhappy customer to find a solution. We employ this practice anytime an issue arises within social media.

  When other Yelp members see that you’re a business who is willing to fix any issues, however menial or monumental they may be, this opens a window of trust for them. They recognize that you are a brand who has a reputation for ensuring customer satisfaction. You wouldn’t want one bad review or other people who are trying to sabotage you and your business to shut off the lights on your livelihood. We’ll help you maintain a good reputation and prove to others that your business offers more than services – we’ll prove that your business also offers compassion.

  So how do you do all that? Well, we couldn’t possibly give away the secret spices to success! You’ll have to get in touch with us so we can help you be successful online and build a credible reputation.