Social Spice Success Story: New Era Debt Solutions

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Social Spice Success Story: New Era Debt Solutions

One of the things that makes Social Spice special is our ability to make our clients happy not only through results-based digital marketing campaigns, but also through our customer service. In this week’s blog, we share one of our favorite Social Spice success stories about our client, New Era Debt Solutions.

How it All Started

Three years ago, Social Spice received a call from New Era Debt Solutions President Dan Smith to take advantage of our social media and digital marketing services. Before meeting with Dan, he told us he had something funny to tell us about our office location. When he showed up at our office in Camarillo, he revealed that New Era’s headquarters was exactly where we were. To us, it was a sign that this client relationship was going to be great from the start.

About New Era Debt Solutions

New Era Debt Solutions is a debt relief company that has helped individuals and families manage achieve financial freedom since 1999. They do business in over 44 states to help consumers all over the United States alleviate their debt. New Era boasts over $200,000,000 of debt settled, and they offer a personal approach to help their clients with personal finance. We are happy to begin working with a client that cares about customer service as much as we do.

How We Help New Era

When we initially developed a digital marketing campaign for New Era, we began with creating a social media presence across multiple platforms and writing informative blogs about personal finance. Since then, we have added SEO to enhance their visibility on major search engines like Google, social media advertising, video marketing, PPC campaigns, and other services to continue our success. We have been delivering them with over 20 leads a day and have seen an overall increase in the numbers on their monthly reports. We were happy to hear that Dan and his team were pleased with the results when he said, “Jonathan and his team implemented a solid digital marketing campaign and targeted advertising, creating the kind of quality traffic we were looking for.” He also commented on the quality of Social Spice Media’s work in stating, “They delivered great content, offered a new perspective on reaching potential clients through SEO, and paid attention to make sure we were putting ad dollars where they were most effective.” New Era Debt Solutions continues to be one of our successful, happy clients and we look forward to continue helping them.

How We Help Businesses

In today’s society, a strong online presence is a requirement, not a suggestion. If you want your target audience to understand your product or services, then you need to showcase them on your website and social media channels. You also need to take advantage of the many marketing tools you can use to enhance your strategy and find success. We help businesses by developing strategic and thoughtful approaches to even the most complex endeavors. How can we help you? Get in touch with Social Spice Media today to learn more about our digital marketing campaigns designed to get your business noticed and increase sales. We look forward to getting to know you and starting a campaign to advance your marketing goals.