Goodbye Google+, Hello New Marketing Opportunities

Google Plus on iPhone

Goodbye Google+, Hello New Marketing Opportunities

Google recently announced that Google+ will be phasing out over the next 10 months. The decision was made following a security breach that compromised the private data of more than 500,000 Google+ users. When Google+ emerged onto the social media scene in 2011, many businesses immediately created company pages on the new platform – after all, Google is the world’s #1 search engine, and content that is published to a Google+ page has an SEO edge. While Google will continue to maintain Google+ for organizations that use the platform for employee communications, some people might be worried about how its shutdown will affect their businesses. The good news is that this change is not likely to affect individuals or businesses that use Google+. Google has reported that the platform has experienced “low usage and engagement,” with 90 percent of Google+ sessions lasting less than five seconds. The sunset of this particular platform leads to new digital marketing opportunities with leading social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Here are some ways you can spice up your marketing efforts:

Video Production

We all know that image is everything. According to Social Bakers, posts on Facebook that contain images enjoy three times more engagement than posts without images. But posts with videos get 135 percent more organic reaches. And if you thought video marketing is limited to companies with big budgets, think again. As long as your videos are informative and engaging (think testimonials and product/service spotlights), adding them to your marketing plan will help your brand. Social Spice Media can help you tell your company’s story by creating custom video scripts and promoting your video on all your social media channels. Learn more here.

Business Blogging

Now that you’ll no longer be using Google+, you can refocus on other marketing tools, like business blogs. Blogs – especially those published to LinkedIn – are an excellent way to connect with other businesses and potential clients by providing creative, engaging commentary. You’ll assert yourself as a thought leader in your field by showing how well-versed you are in industry topics and trends. Besides showing off how smart you are, you’ll also boost your SEO ranking and promote brand awareness. In fact, business-to-business companies can generate 67 percent more leads by having an active blog presence. Think about recent industry news headlines and what you feel is important to share with your audience.

Social Media Campaigns

You’re probably already active on social media but consider taking more creative approaches with your social media presence. If you believe it will add value to your business, think about sharing user-generated content, such as customer success stories and reviews. Instagram is also an ideal platform for holding contests, publishing #TBT posts, and sharing behind-the-scenes photos of your business. Of course, not all of these ideas are one-size-fits-all; adjust and diversify your social media campaign strategies to fit your brand. Get in touch with Social Spice Media to develop and manage your business’s social media presence. Our team has the ingredients to ensure your business is at the forefront of the competition. Do you know someone who could benefit from our services? Refer them to us today! Our team is eager to connect with businesses in any industry. We serve the local needs of Ventura County and Santa Barbara as well as anywhere in the United States.