Social Media Marketing: How to Design a Captivating Approach

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Social Media Marketing: How to Design a Captivating Approach

You’ve got an idea, a brand, and a mission. Now it’s time to design your marketing approach on social media! Even if you’ve already implemented a plan, there’s always room for improvement. Here are some ideas to consider when planning your social media approach:  

Focus on Your Successful Services and Products

  Your most successful products or services can become the stepping stones when building a captivating marketing plan if you use them correctly. Not sure which of your products or services stand out success-wise? Now is a perfect time to take a step back, review the trends in your sales data and get a clear picture of your most profitable offerings.   Your brand may only provide a single service or product, in which case that would obviously be the line item you want to promote. However, if your business has multiple services or different types of merchandise, prioritizing them by current or potential success will help you pick which to promote more aggressively.  

Plan Your Content In Advance

  Planning your content ahead of time is one of the most important to really fine-tune your social media marketing approach. Organizing that content methodically makes the process of producing, posting, and responding to it easier. There are a variety of online apps available that allow you to pre-schedule your posts in advance that are worth looking into. Some even help you select the best time to post to specific channels based on making sure your content gets in front of the largest audience possible.  

Give Your Brand the Right Expression

  Creating a strategy that follows goals and defines not only your brand's persona but your customers’ as well, can give you a competitive advantage. Once your client base is established, you may want to focus more on how your products or services provide solutions to the everyday problems of your specific demographic of customers.  

Focus on Common Concerns of Your Audience

  Consumers are looking for solutions to their everyday issues from your company. Users engage with content because they have common questions, concerns, or a general curiosity of your products or services. They want to see how your company can provide answers to their problems.   That’s why planning your content around 3-5 common issues that your customers previously or currently experience will help keep them engaged, and will help you to help them! If you’re not able to determine more than one or two issues to address, try sending out a questionnaire or asking for comments on any problems people are experiencing within your community, then use that feedback to help tailor your marketing plan to their needs.  

Inspire User-Generated Content

  If you send quizzes, surveys, or requests for testimonials to clients about your products and services, the responses they give will not only help your company improve but will provide some user generated content for posts.   Obviously, it’s important to verify that your client approves of you using their responses unless otherwise specified. (The last thing you’ll want is an angry customer who didn’t want the information they’ve provided to be public.)   User-generated content is one of the best ways to grab the attention of prospective customers by showing examples of satisfaction from your current ones.  

Use Social Media Broadly Throughout Your Business

  If you’re in charge of a large business, say an educational institution, chances are that different departments have their own social media accounts. This is a broad range of social media usage within your company, and can be very beneficial.   However, if you’re a smaller business, and may not have a vast amount of different departments, keeping all your employees at least marginally involved in the content creation for the social media accounts that you have is important.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Focus on successful products and services
  • Plan your content in advance
  • Give you brand the right expression
  • Focus on the common concerns of your audience
  • Inspire user-generated content
  • Use social media broadly throughout your business


  Social media marketing is one of the best ways to get your brand out there. It allows you to reach a larger audience, promote your products and services effectively, and really build upon your business as a whole. If done properly, the content you post on social media can have a huge impact on your company through engaging existing customers, reaching potential customers, creating staff contributions, inspiring potential recruits, interacting with industry experts, and even gaining investors. It all starts with a captivating approach in your content!   Do you need assistance with getting your social media marketing campaign started? Refer them to us today! Our team is eager to connect with businesses in any industry. We serve the local needs of Ventura County and Santa Barbara as well as anywhere in the United States.   Social Spice Media provides a variety of packages that will improve the exposure of your business or organization and keep your companies social media marketing thriving. After thoroughly assessing your marketing goals, we’ll increase the digital presence of your business through social media marketing, business blogging, and email marketing. Our talented web developers will improve the appearance of your website and business as a whole. Get in contact with us today!