Fresh 15: Content to Post on Social Media When You’re Out of Ideas

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Fresh 15: Content to Post on Social Media When You’re Out of Ideas

The key to any great social media marketing strategy is consistency – but showing up day in and day out can turn into a tedious drudge (for both you and your followers). So, to help you break up your workday monotony and keep your audience engaged, we’d like to share 15 content-type ideas for a certified fresh feed.

But first…

…some encouragement. We want to drop a few stats to remind you why investing time, energy, and a reasonable amount of money into your social media presence is well worth the effort:     As you’ve probably gathered from these numbers, there is just too much opportunity for brand exposure on social media to pass up. To capture the attention your business deserves, refresh your content with the following post ideas:  

The Fresh 15

  1. Blog posts. Generating original content for your company blog and sharing it across platforms is a great way to showcase your expertise – and increase the bang for your buck by re-sharing popular posts.
  2. eBooks. Post your lead-generating, long-form content such as white papers, eBooks, and guides to your social media platforms. We’re not saying give it away for free, but at least scatter the breadcrumbs. Let your target audience know this great stuff exists.
  3. Case Studies or Testimonials. Use internal data and reviews to showcase your success. People want to see how your work impacts your clients via real-world examples. Compile a portfolio of case studies, ask satisfied customers to participate in testimonial videos, or turn reviews into eye-catching visuals.
  4. Behind-the-Scenes Looks. Reality TV is popular for a reason. People love seeing how other people live and go about their day. Give your audience a glimpse into what goes on in the background to make the magic happen. It’s humanizing and relatable and will make your company more approachable.
  5. Curated Content. Share outside content that inspires you or news and articles that you think your audience will find entertaining or helpful. Keep the content relevant to your industry and ask your followers what they think to boost engagement and make connections.
  6. Tips and Tricks. Offering hacks and tricks of the trade-in bite-size format is perfect for social media. You can easily repackage existing content into quick tips and tricks as striking visuals.
  7. Quotes. Quotes are also great bite-sized content that can be turned into shareable posts for social media. You can use famous quotes or highlight leadership insights.
  8. Explainer Videos. Explainer videos are just how-to tutorials and can be easier to digest and more engaging than written, step-by-step instructions.
  9. Events. If you’re hosting an event such as an in-person promotional party, live webinar, or even have a weekly podcast, get the word out there. Build the anticipation. Give your audience a feel for what they can expect from the event with related videos and photos.
  10. Infographics. Infographics are a great way to present complex ideas quickly and clearly. They are easy to understand, appealing, and very shareable. You can use infographic images or transform them into videos, which many consumers prefer.
  11. Holiday Greetings. Connect with your audience in a timely manner by offering holiday greetings – and not just on major holidays. Some popular or fun days of celebration include Star Wars Day, Groundhog Day, National Puppy Day, Earth Day, and, for those who appreciate irony, National Nothing Day.
  12. Company and Product Announcements. Highlight new products or services to drive demand and company achievements or news to keep your audience in the loop. Just be careful not to use too many of these posts as you might come across as spammy or arrogant.
  13. Press Coverage. Contribute to outside platforms such as industry publications and news sites and then share these contributions on social media to highlight your expertise. These contributions can be as simple as a quote from your CEO or long-form content, such as opinion pieces or informational articles covering industry-related topics.
  14. Recruiting Content. Are you looking to expand your team? Find talent that will elevate your organization by posting job openings with supporting material such as videos and profile pieces to highlight your existing team and company culture. The more freely you share information about your workplace, the more likely it is you will find talent that sticks.
  15. User-Generated Content. User-generated content is free promotion. Ask your followers and customers to participate in contests, challenges, or promotions and have them post their participation on social media with an original hashtag specific to your company. User-generated content via things like hashtag challenges provide an opportunity to go viral and reach a wider audience.
  Pro tip: When thinking about the purpose and tone of your content, try to make your posts entertaining, educational, or a combination of both. This is the type of content people crave.  

Where Should You Post Your Content?

  Not every business needs to be on all existing social media platforms – you’d be spreading yourself too thin, wasting money when you could invest in one or two for optimum exposure. While the platforms suited for your business will depend on your industry and goals, here is an overview of the top 4 social media platforms:  
  • Facebook: Blog Posts, eBooks, Behind-the-Scenes Looks, Curated Content, Tips, Quotes, Explainer Videos, Events, Infographics, Holiday Greetings, Company and Product Announcements, Press Coverage.
  • Twitter: Blog Posts, eBooks, Case Studies and Testimonials, Curated Content, Explainer Videos, Events, Infographics, Holiday Greetings, Company and Product Announcements, Press Coverage, User-Generate Content.
  • LinkedIn: Blog Posts, eBooks, Case Studies and Testimonials, Curated Content, Explainer Videos, Events, Infographics, Holiday Greetings, Press Coverage, Recruiting Content.
  • Instagram: Behind-the-Scenes Looks, Tips, Quotes, Holiday Greetings, Company and Product Announcements, User-Generated Content.

Social Media Generates Value Month After Month

  We hope this article inspired some great ideas for fresh social content. If you need some extra help, you can reach our Social Spice Media digital marketing experts at (805) 482-8312 or fill out our contact form. We offer affordable a la carte packages for a range of social media and digital marketing needs to help your brand build momentum that never stops.