How to Get Verified on Facebook

How to Get Verified on Facebook

It’s no longer good enough to put on a friendly smile and welcome customers inside your business. Digitization has elevated your industry beyond storefronts and welcome signs into a realm of cyberspace, making it so that the way you and your business appear online is just as important as the way you appear in person.   Since its founding, Facebook— which was recently rebranded under the larger parent company “Meta—” has maintained a massive amount of consumer attention. Customers flock to Facebook to engage with all digital aspects of everyday life, and the way they spend their time on the social network is of great interest to you and your business. The verified Facebook page, signified by the little blue checkmark on your profile, has become the new business “welcome” sign, signifying hard-earned trust between customer and creator. To let your business soar to new heights, you need to understand the Social Spice Media guide to becoming verified on Facebook.  


  In the digital age, trust is hard to come by. 67% of US adults report seeing false information on social media, and 52% of Americans regularly encounter “fake news” online. Would-be consumers have more access to information than ever before, but the nature of that information is always questionable. If you don’t present proof of business authentication clearly and concisely, even the most loyal consumer is disincentivized from purchasing your product.   You want to make your business’ virtual presence as easy to navigate as possible for your consumer, and the most vital part of that process is Facebook verification. By obtaining a Facebook verified badge, you’re giving your customers a clear indication that your business is authentic. Their trusting peace of mind will directly translate to higher sales and positive feedback, jumpstarting an extremely beneficial cycle of company growth.   Moreover, once Facebook verifies a business, it’s much more likely to recommend that business in search results. With a verified badge, you’re not only improving your relationship with your clientele, but you’re also improving your relationship with the tech giant to end all tech giants. Facebook offers an unparalleled algorithmic reach that will catapult your business to a new level, introducing customers who would’ve never otherwise become aware of your business.  


  Facebook specifies four distinct criteria a business page needs to be granted a verified badge. Verified pages need to be:  
  • Authentic – the page must represent a real person, business, or entity.
  • Notable – the page must already appear in other search results and be featured in multiple news sources online.
  • Complete – the page must feature an about section, a profile photo, and recent activity (including at least one post.)
  • Unique – the page must be the only one of its kind. Facebook doesn’t verify multiple pages for any organization.
  There are other factors that play into Facebook’s decision-making process as well. Pages with high-quality photos and videos, frequent posts, and positive user engagement are much more likely to receive verification than pages without those features. Also, note that the verification process is intended for pages that have already existed for some time. While some pages may receive verification soon after their creation, in order to receive authentic notoriety and positive feedback, the vast majority of businesses must undergo a process of digital optimization.   Facebook offers an online form to figures and businesses seeking verification. To complete the form, business owners first acknowledge they represent a business page and are authentically linked to that page by providing documentation— either a driver’s license, passport, tax bill, or other official articles. Next, they must categorize their business, including their industry, location, and audience. Finally, business owners input any links to outside pages that verify their business serves the public interest.

  It can sometimes take more than one form submission to receive Facebook verification. If Facebook denies your verification request, it doesn’t mean you should stop trying. With the right combination of digital prowess and determination, even the pages with the most meager beginnings can reach verification. Facebook allows you to submit the verification form again every 30 days, and that time can be used to flesh out your page, accounting for any weak spots. Most verification processes fail because pages lack notability, which can be easily solved with the right social media marketing campaign. If you’re not sure why your business hasn’t yet received verification, you can contact the Facebook Support Team. They’ll help guide you to receiving authentication.  


  With the recent “Meta” rebrand, the former Facebook company has introduced a new hub of business resources. Meta for Business provides a bevy of information on how to find, communicate, and build relationships with consumers. Meta also offers guides on how to create and grow a business page from the ground up. If you can embrace any strategies illustrated by Meta directly and reflect that in your page presentation, you’ll be much more likely to earn verification. Meta also offers a cross-platform Business Verification Guide which relays some of the differences between Meta’s social media branches. While Facebook should be the focus of your verification efforts, understanding the intricacies of the WhatsApp Business and Instagram verification processes will only help you on your quest to achieve digital excellence.   Facebook changed its parent company’s name to Meta to reflect the convergence of digital and physical space. There are more opportunities for businesses to thrive online than ever before, and the most valuable way to embrace those opportunities is through sustained Facebook page growth. By completing the Facebook verification process and earning a verified badge, your business will become a top-of-the-line digital powerhouse.   While highly rewarding, the path to Facebook verification can seem like a massive undertaking. Wherever you may be on the path to digital optimization, give us a call at (805) 482-8312 or send an email at and we’ll be happy to level up your business potential. Contact Social Spice Media today and welcome your business into the digital age.