Don’t Get Left Behind: Make Your Emails ADA Compliant Now

Don’t Get Left Behind: Make Your Emails ADA Compliant Now

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has been around since 1990, but businesses are still not 100% ADA compliant across all departments– including email marketing. Every single email you send out needs to be ADA compliant, or it could cost you big time in fines. Here's how to make your emails ADA compliant and avoid getting left behind.

The Importance of ADA Compliance

ADA non-compliance is becoming a larger issue as the use of email marketing increases. By following the ADA lawsuit successions, you can be sure that your emails will not make your business susceptible to litigation. ADA non-compliance in an email can come from many different sources such as images or content. If they are coded incorrectly it could lead to serious ADA lawsuits.

What Does ADA Compliance Mean in Emails?

ADA compliance in email marketing refers to ensuring that your email is accessible for individuals with disabilities. When you read an email, are you able to interact with all links, change font size and colors, and take advantage of other features on the page? If not, then the email isn't ADA compliant. Email providers have guidelines for ADA compliance in emails, so this is something to keep in mind when creating content for your next message. So what does accessibility mean in emails? Accessibility on emails means being able to enjoy the full experience without having any restrictions. For example, someone might use a screen reader that helps them see what words are highlighted or allows them to listen as a computer reads aloud what's on a webpage or in an email. It also includes transcripts, videos captioned with text descriptions, resizable fonts, keyboard accessibility to links and controls, redundant language support for non-English speakers—and so on. They may also zoom into images so they can see them more clearly or magnify text so it's easier to read. These features should be available on every email you send out and make it easier for people with disabilities to access information from your company.

How to Make Your Emails ADA Compliant

When writing an email marketing campaign, it's easy to get wrapped up in how great your offer sounds or how well-crafted your call to action is. But before you hit send, consider who will be reading your email and what they're accessing it with. Just like website accessibility, ADA compliance doesn't have to be time-consuming or costly—it just requires some forethought on behalf of the sender and a few simple edits on behalf of the recipient. Below are six things that can help ensure that you're sending compliant emails. 1) Don't Use Graphics Alone 2) Include Captions for All Images 3) Don't Forget Mobile Accessibility 4) Include Text Alternatives for Audio Files 5) Use Fonts That Are Legible on All Screens 6) Avoid Animation or Flash Elements While it may seem overwhelming to incorporate into your marketing efforts, it is not as overwhelming as the fines you could be facing without it. Need assistance? Contact Social Spice Media for all your ADA compliance needs at 805-482-8312.