3 Steps to Positive Social Reviews

3 Steps to Positive Social Reviews


Brand following and business referrals via social review sites continue to grow at staggering rates. In 2010, popular review site Yelp attracted more than 41 million page hits. The website’s readership spiked to almost double only a short two years later garnering over 78 million views.

According to a study conducted by Staywyse.org, a global travel association and resource, 81 percent of travelers find user reviews highly valuable and important as to making decisions on where they will book their stay. The research also states that 49 percent of travelers will not make a reservation at properties that don’t have online reviews.

Despite these telling stats, it’s no big news that positive online reviews are critical for attracting new and repeating customers. Understanding this isn’t rocket science, but what you need to know is how to get customers to post rave reviews on social media  that get other review reading fiends clicking “buy” on your website, or walking through your front door.

At Social Spice Media we know that sharing is caring, so we have three easy ways that can help grow deeper connections through your online customer network via positive social engagement.

Tip #1 Give them some good shopping gossip to share

People love having great news to share, it makes them look good (just read our post on how to make content go viral.) When they have a great customer experience, they are already inclined to share it with their friends over a glass of wine, or with coworkers around the water cooler. As a business owner, your priority is to make sure customers have a memorable experience worth talking about. Especially on social media, because smart phones give people the power to tag, like, share, post, and pin what’s good (or not so good) about your business the moment they walk out the door.


Tip #2 Stop. Listen. Respond for Real.

Our online brand management friends at newbrandanalytics.com conducted a survey reporting that…

  • • 85% of users were “very happy” when companies and businesses responded to their posts and comments in public forums and social review sites


  • • 27% of customers were “delighted” when there was public feedback to their posts, and or, reviews


  • • 34% deleted their review after receiving negative social feedback

A majorly over looked factor in encouraging positive reviews is genuinely engaging and connecting with those who take the time to comment on your business social media sites. When you take time to stop, listen, and respond thoughtfully, they feel validated in their effort, which deepens the loyalty bond between your brand and their brain. 

Tip #3 Ask, and you shall receive (positive social reviews)

It’s simple. The best and easiest way to pump up the positivity of your online reviews is to flat out ask for it. When going for the straight forward gusto on this one, give your customers incentives. Betty Belts, a unique sea-glass jewelry store, offers a free belt to their Instagram followers who post photos of themselves wearing a Betty Belt on their feed with their branded hashtags.

On that note, be sure to make it easy and clear how and where to share. Everyone has their own favorite and most used social media channel, so make it crystal clear where they can find your sharable, likable content.


We’ve laid down the top three ways to get positive reviews where it counts for your business, but if you’re still not sure if engaging with your social review site using customers is worth it, comment below. We genuinely want to hear your reasons why.

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