5 Strategies for Advancing Your Law Firm in the Digital Marketing World

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5 Strategies for Advancing Your Law Firm in the Digital Marketing World

Digital marketing has been growing in importance each year, but with everything moving online during the last year due to the pandemic, its necessity has become crystal clear—and we don’t expect this to go away anytime soon.   If you’re looking to start or expand your digital marketing strategy, it can understandably feel overwhelming. There are so many options that it can be hard to know which ones are really worth your time and effort.   Let’s take a look at the top 5 strategies to consider as you work towards growing the digital presence of your law firm:  

1) Content Is King

  Content like informational blogs, webpages, and videos can not only increase your web presence and generate potential leads but also educate and maintain a connection with your client base.   Your law firm’s content can communicate your values, specialized knowledge and interests, and a spirit of authority within the industry to current and future clients.   97% stat   Not to mention, search engines like Google favor sites that regularly update and produce content, so you will likely receive an SEO boost from maintaining something like a regular blog. Producing informative content packed with SEO utilized keywords and inbound links will help Google and other search engines index your site, driving up your search rankings. Over time, you can also create relationships with other sites through backlinks that will drive more traffic to you and communicate to your audience that your firm is interconnected with the community. Content has always and will always be king—but the key is to make quality content that is original and relevant.   Content gives you an opportunity to showcase your knowledge and establish your credibility and expertise. It offers a way for potential clients to get to know more about whom they might be working with should they decide to hire you. And if you have an area of law that you specialize in or particular types of cases you prefer, a blog that centers around those topics can help draw in your target demographic and assure them that you are the right person for their case.  

2) Personalized Email Marketing Can Make A Connection

  A well-designed email marketing campaign can directly build relationships with potential clients as well as maintain relationships with long-standing clients by offering information, resources, and details about the services your law firm offers.   Personalized emails that combine brand imagery and inspiring text targeted towards your client base can create the connection that gets the client to pick up the phone—but if it’s not personalized and engaging, it could just end up in the junk folder.   In 2019 alone, 293.6 billion emails were sent and received each day, and that figure is expected to increase to over 347.3 billion emails a day in 2022. Marketing emails have a very high Return on Investment (RIO)—a staggering return of $42 for every $1 you spend. So consider including an email campaign in your digital media strategy—but make sure those emails are designed in a way that’s going to make them speak to your audience.  

3) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Is Crucial

  SEO might sound overwhelming, but it is essentially using popular keywords and specific descriptions, titles, and taglines to make your content easily digestible for search engines like Google that will automatically crawl through and index your site in search results.   Since search engines are becoming more and more popular as a referral source, it’s essential that your site is optimized for SEO to get your audience to your page as easily and quickly as possible.   graph showing stats Ultimately, the easier Google is able to index your site and the more keywords it sees, the higher the likelihood that your firm is going to end up in the top of those search results leading to more traffic. Most users never even scroll past the first page of their results, so this is definitely something to invest in.  

4) Social Media Is For More Than Socializing…

  3.8 billion people (50% of the global population) are using social media: that’s a lot. In fact, this has even increased 9.2% since 2019. Utilizing one or several channels to connect with your audience can help you manage your online reputation and find, target, and interact with potential clients in real-time. Long past are the days when people only used social media to socialize—it’s now a platform that can’t be ignored for networking and building business connections.   Social media can be customized to fit your voice and brand and tell your law firm’s story on a platform that is most likely to reach your target audience. But which channels should you use? There is a lot to consider here in terms of your budget, intended audience, and the image you’re intending to project for your firm. And more is not necessarily better. Consider consulting a digital media expert about which social channels are worth investing in and which ones might just be a waste of time and money.   Whichever platforms you choose to use, you’ll definitely want to make sure that the content is just as accessible and clear on mobile as it is on a desktop— 99% of users in 2019 accessed social media on mobile, and that statistic is probably even higher now during the pandemic.   Imagine by Social Spice Media    

5) Paid Advertising Sometimes Does Pay Off

  You might feel that the work of your firm speaks for itself—and while it very well might—sometimes paid advertising can effectively get those calls and emails rolling in faster.   Paying third parties like Google Adwords, Facebook, or Linkedin to advertise custom designed ads has come a long way since it started. There are now options to specify your audience based on demographics, online search behaviors, and geography with the option to re-target as needed, which will get your ad in front of exactly the type of potential client your firm is looking for.   Interested in expanding your law firm’s digital presence but still feel like you need more guidance? Get in touch with Social Spice Media to learn more about creating a marketing plan for your business and how you can effectively spend your marketing dollars. Our team pays attention to your goals and creates a custom strategy that delivers results. Do you know someone who could benefit from our services? Refer them to us today! Our team is eager to connect with businesses in any industry. We serve the local needs of Ventura County and Santa Barbara as well as anywhere in the United States.