6 Reasons Why Dogs Make the Office More Paw-sitive

Dog wearing glasses working on laptop

6 Reasons Why Dogs Make the Office More Paw-sitive

Pet-friendly workspaces are becoming increasingly popular. While it is not always an option for every industry due to sanitary reasons or allergies, dog-friendly workplaces like Social Spice Media, Google, Amazon, Ben & Jerry’s and Etsy are becoming the new normal. One study found that 17 percent of business owners have pet-friendly policies. Some companies even have dog-owner play groups and offer pooch play areas.

There are many exciting benefits to implementing a pet policy, but also some hazards to take into consideration. To help form an educated business decision, Social Spice Media highlights the paw-sitive impacts a dog can have on the workplace:

Stress Reducers

Because dogs have always been man’s best friend, it should be no surprise that they help lower stress. Workplace stress can cause anxiety and other negative feelings, which can make everyone tense. Studies show that dogs can help lower stress levels and improve overall employee satisfaction. Stress relief created by wet kisses is a much cheaper alternative to hiring a masseuse to relax overwhelmed employees. Because dogs are cuddly and cute, there is no question that they boost the mood of those around them.

At Social Spice Media, our resident office dog Stella generates smiles and can always be relied upon to interrupt stressful moments with her quiet, yet playful presence.

Improved Company Image 

Allowing dogs and other pets in the office has often proved to boost a customer’s perception of the business. Most customers have a positive reaction when they are given a chance to play with an employee’s pet. The fact that dogs are furry adorable creatures tends to soften a company’s image. It also can make a company appear more progressive and forward-thinking to a potential client.

At Social Spice Media, Stella helps improve the company image by making surprise visits to important meetings and charming our clientele.

Recruit and Retain Employees 

Attracting new, qualified employees can be a challenge for business owners. By offering perks and benefits that millennials appreciate, the job listing becomes that much more appealing. Millennials love having pets at work, which has compelled many an employer to be more accepting of pets. The CEO of the American Pet Products Association believes that pets at work allow employees to be more comfortable and willing to work long hours. Employees who bring their dogs to work don’t have to worry about leaving the office in time to get home to their fur children.

Employee turnover is costly, so employers are always looking for new benefits to provide their team. Dog-friendly workplaces elevate overall job satisfaction, which vastly improves employee retention.

Our very own Stella helps retain employees by capturing their hearts.

Ideal Icebreaker

Whether someone is an employee or a visiting client, few people can resist stopping to interact with an adorable dog. Dogs have a charm about them that help people loosen up, which creates the perfect excuse to interact with each other.

Stella breaks the ice by performing her tricks around the office. Her tricks include:

  • Rolling over
  • Playing dead
  • Giving high fives
  • Modeling for Instagram

They Increase Office Creativity

What happens in a less stressful and more communicative work environment? People become more productive and creative, of course! A dog is the perfect support system for a workplace since they are known to reduce stress. Less stress means more focus, allowing people to get their creative juices flowing.

At Social Spice Media, Stella constantly increases office creativity by supporting her humans with her mere presence.

Improved Health and Morale 

Having pets in the office can help increase health and team morale. Studies show that pets decrease blood pressure, cholesterol, triglyceride, loneliness, and increase activity. On a psychological level, pets provide companionship and help prevent anxiety and depression. Having a pack of work-dogs in the office encourages employees to walk them on their breaks, promoting better health habits.

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