ADA Web Compliance

ADA Web Compliance Package

Make Your Business Website Accessible.

Your digital brand must reflect the success of your business by implementing effective solutions to reach and be accessible to your entire target market. Persons with disabilities reasonably expect to be able to gather information, purchase products, and get in contact with a business online just like an able-bodied person.

A website may be found to be inaccessible if there is information, content, or services provided on the website that is not accessible in the physical location, or, if the website is inseparably tied to the physical location in such a way that those who can’t access the website are missing out.

ADA compliance online can provide many benefits to your business and help you avoid litigation. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines also overlap extensively with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. If your website meets the accessibility guidelines, it will likely excel with search engine rankings.

By making your business accessible to everyone, you will increase your audience and allow them the opportunity to take advantage of what your business has to offer. To achieve this objective, Social Spice Media can help CLIENT develop, manage, and provide continued maintenance for its website to strive for optimal accessibility.

ADA Web Compliance installation includes items such as:

A Custom ADA Compliance Accessibility Statement

An ADA Compliance Plugin To Enable Ease of Access

Alt Text for Images/Graphic Elements

Conversion of PDFs to Programmed Webpages

ADA Website Maintenance Updates

Closed Captioning/Transcriptions of Videos