All You Need is LOVE…To Sell Your Brand

All You Need is LOVE…To Sell Your Brand

Valentine’s Day may have passed, but you need to show your customers your love for them year-round. Deciding what to purchase and who to purchase from are not choices many customers take lightly. In fact, most people have a specific system they follow before making a purchase that involves extensive research and planning. But what if we were to tell you that people already know exactly what choice they are going to make soon after they hit the search button? Freedom of choice is remarkably valuable to consumers, in theory. We think that we make decisions with logic and that we like to have a lot of choices to pick from. But generally, we make decisions with our emotions. There have been a number of studies indicating that people tend to express greater happiness in their decisions and are more likely to make a purchase when there are more limited choices. It’s no surprise that when presented with a great deal of choices, we trust our gut. We will consider the facts but ultimately, just like with love, we often choose what feels right and find a way to justify it after the fact. When we are presented with countless choices, it can be quite overwhelming for our brains to consider why we picked one item and not others in a way that makes sense. We may be more prone to second-guess ourselves, consider “what-if” scenarios, or walk away without making a choice at all. Not making a choice is disappointing to both consumers and marketers. So how can you convince customers to make the choice to buy when a product’s convenience, merits, or price don’t play into the equation?

Keep It Simple

The less options you offer, and the more simply they are presented, the better. For example, a lot of people have an unlimited cell phone plan, even though it may not be the option with the best value. Customers would rather pay a flat rate every month and not have to worry about extra fees, varying bills, and tracking their usage—even if they end up paying more. Offer your customers options, but make sure the process and the options are simple.

Make It Familiar and Trustworthy

Another way to make your product stick in someone’s mind is to establish a trusting relationship. Here is where blogging comes in. Blogging increases web traffic to your page, generates leads, and most importantly, humanizes your company and its products. Organic searches can lead customers back to your website and if customers are accustomed to seeing the name of your company associated with information they need to know, they will build trust for your brand, and be more likely to turn to you in the future for their needs. For this same reasoning, testimonials, story-telling, and showcasing reviews in your social media and branding really does work. People prefer things that are familiar and relatable. An estimated 88% of people say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations and only 12% of people claim to not read reviews at all.

Give Them Reason

Help your customers justify their purchases choices with solid reasoning. Ultimately, your product shouldn’t require a lot of time-consuming thought and research to appear buyable. Even if your brand is simple, convenient, and familiar, it still needs to be a logically smart choice for the customer. As you may know from romantic relationships, there comes a point when the energy invested is not enough to justify something that isn’t a good fit. Ensure that your product is indeed a good fit for the consumer and clearly communicate its draw with social media, and you’ll soon come to find that consumers will decide to buy with their hearts. Social Spice Media can help develop and manage your business’s social media presence to clearly communicate your product, brand, and mission statement. Do you know someone who could benefit from our services? Refer them to us today! Our team is eager to connect with businesses in any industry. We serve the local needs of Ventura County and Santa Barbara as well as anywhere in the United States.