Track Progress. Enhance Performance.

Analytics provide you with detailed information and insights about performance across social media channels, websites, email campaigns, search engines, and more. Our team measures this data to better understand how we can capitalize on current strategies or create new ones for optimal results. It is crucial to evaluate your marketing efforts. You can’t turn a blind eye to analytics if you desire digital marketing success.

Why Analytics are Imperative

Analytics are crucial to promoting growth and creating efficiency when developing effective marketing campaigns. Imagine creating a social media marketing plan and not knowing whether or not it is truly benefiting your business. Just because you have a plan and stick to it, doesn’t mean it is successful. You may realize that certain social channels are not generating much traffic or traction. Measuring your results helps you understand what works well and what doesn’t across multiple platforms.

Analytics help us determine how people find your website, what your top social channels are, and much more. We can learn specific information about your website visitors, where they are located, and where they are being referred from. With comparative insight analysis, we can offer suggestions for improvement and innovative ways to get your company noticed with solutions that work specifically for your business.

The Data and the Details

Social Spice Media uses tracking tools and advanced software to collect more information about the people your business interacts with online.
We give you insights about the following:

  • SEO >
    Learn more about keywords and search terms your company is ranking for on search engines.
  • Website Traffic >
    Get details on where your website visitors are referred from and other important demographic information.
  • Social Media Marketing Channels >
    Find out which social channels have the most interaction, engagement, and reach.
  • Email Marketing Campaigns >
    See conversion rates, campaign success, and data from different email lists.
  • Video Content >
    Understand the metrics of views and when the user stopped watching.

Our Analytical Approach

  • Offer monthly reports to inform clients of what strategies work and what needs improvement
  • Demonstrate data in visuals and charts for easy-to-understand reporting
  • Turn information into insights to plan for a successful month with greater, achievable results
  • Incorporate your short- and long-term business goals into valuable strategies