Advice from a Facebook Ads Expert

Advertising has taken a shift over the past few years, moving from magazines and big print sources to social media ...
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The GDPR: What You Need to Know About Social Media Security

After the Facebook data scandal was brought to headlines this year, social media users immediately grew concerned for their privacy ...
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Why You’ll Never Have to Press 1 to Speak to a Representative at Social Spice

One of the fundamentals of operating a business is delivering excellent customer service. How you treat your customers can make ...
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How Social Spice Surpasses the Competition

Social Spice Media was originally founded as a social media marketing company. Over the years, we have developed into a ...
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How to Avoid an Instagram Shadowban

Along with every social media channel out there, there are several Instagram accounts that demonstrate spammy and inappropriate behavior. The ...
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How 7 Custom Seconds Can Make an Impact

How do you grab attention immediately and keep it? Hint: it does not require click bait. It’s no question that ...
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#DeleteFacebook: Another Social Movement in the Books

How many times have you threatened to delete your Facebook page as a promise to become more in tune with ...
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The Real Costs of In-House Marketing

It feels like it has been a lifelong debate: hire in-house marketing professionals or work with a third-party agency? There ...
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What Makes Social Spice So Special?

They say you must have all the proper ingredients to execute a recipe perfectly. At Social Spice Media, we believe ...
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