Building Brand Loyalty with Interest Driven Marketing

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Building Brand Loyalty with Interest Driven Marketing

  Attention is the new currency in the world of digital marketing. Your brand’s first impression is definitely important, but grabbing that attention and keeping it   – otherwise known as “brand loyalty” – is ultimately the key to marketing success. So how do you begin to start building that loyalty with your customer base? That’s where an interest driven marketing approach comes in. If you have a solid foundation of clients, now is a good time to create a retention strategy. An interest-driven approach allows you to focus on what really matters to your audience, and how those interests differ with various demographics. Consumers interests are always evolving, and your brand’s message should be personalized to feel familiar.  There are numerous marketing tools that allow your strategy to move away from the sales pitch and deliver personalized messaging to someone who has already engaged online in some way.  

Email Marketing

One of the most effective tools for customer retention and understanding behavior is email communications. Email marketing needs to be a consistent part of your retention strategy because it gathers the necessary insight needed to connect with your audience directly and form a lasting relationship. Learn specifics about your audience like what subject lines grab their attention, or what messaging will influence them to visit your website, and so much more.   You can even segment your audience based on different interests to personalize your communications further. When using an interest based approach, your email campaigns add value to recipients’ inboxes, which encourages them to open your message to begin with and continue engaging with your brand. From automated welcome messaging to weekly or monthly newsletters, the possibilities for increased engagement and retention are virtually endless.  


Take your retention strategy one step further by integrating Search Engine Optimization. Ensure your company will be found before the competition. SEO generates organic traffic to your website by making informed decisions based on your audience’s interest and behavior. An easy way to improve SEO is by including a blog on your site. Topics and keywords used in your blog develop your brand’s story and SEO, thus online exposure.   High rankings on search engines are no longer optional – they’re required to gain visibility. Consumers and searchers expect instant gratification, so SEO strategy is crucial for retaining relationships and building new ones.  

Loyalty Rewards

In most cases, it is easier to attract repeat customers than to acquire new ones. According to Nielson Global research, Consumers are 84% more likely to make a return purchase with a company that offers a rewards program. Whether using points or discounts for return purchases, retention programs are a valuable exchange for both sides.  

User-Generated Content

User-generated content is like a virtual conversation where your customers are posting on social media about your company without even being asked. That’s free publicity!   Let’s look at Tarte Cosmetics as an example of how to seamlessly merge loyalty rewards with user-generated content. While points are earned with each purchase, their customers can also receive reward points for connecting on social media, posting a selfie with products, writing reviews, and filming makeup tutorials to share with the world. The consumer is now incentivized to promote the brand, rewarding their relationship.  

Innovative Campaigns and Products

User-generated content does not always have to live on social media platforms either. Big-name brands like Nike and Lego have leveraged their own technologies to understand their audience’s interests via user-generated content.   The Nike Run Club is an interactive app that allows runners to create fitness goals, track progress and distance, save playlists, and connect with friends for motivation. While using the app, members of the Run Club are developing information that Nike will use to better understand their behavior. This user-generated content then allows Nike to offer features like customized coaching and celebrating fitness achievements. These mobile app users already have a loyal connection with Nike, and the Run Club reinforces their relationship. Industry leaders LEGO have created an “Ideas” website which gives users an interactive design experience. Not only are LEGO fans empowered to design their own LEGO sets for themselves and then share their work with others, but the final results give LEGO very specific insight about behavior and interest. This useful feedback allows LEGO to develop new ideas and invites the consumer into the product design process. LEGO lovers can now feel like a part of the decision-making process which is a very unique and powerful brand-consumer relationship.   Nike Run Club and LEGO Ideas illustrate that not all retention strategies and user-generated content will look the same. Just like interests and behaviors, innovation is continually evolving. One constant will remain within the marketing strategy: understanding your audience is imperative for a successful campaign.  

Game Plan

The most effective method to gain knowledge about your audience and build relationships is with an interest-based strategy. The digital marketing experts at Social Spice Media can help integrate all of these elements needed to build strong brand loyalty. After thoroughly assessing your marketing goals, we will develop a game plan to fully streamline your marketing assets to function as an effective, seamless machine.   Social Spice Media provides a variety of packages that will improve the exposure of your business or organization, enable your company’s online presence to thrive, and keep consumers coming back. Our team is eager to connect with businesses in any industry. We serve the local needs of Ventura County and Santa Barbara as well as anywhere in the United States.   Get in contact with our digital marketing experts to get your brand off the ground and to the top level!