Business Blogging

Business Blogging

Inform Readers. Enhance Visibility.

What is Business Blogging?

Business blogging gives you the opportunity to communicate with your current client base and potential leads. It keeps your readers informed of company activity and accolades along with industry topics, trends, and news. It also demonstrates your expertise in the industry, reveals your company voice, and displays your interest in providing people with relevant information about your business.

Benefits of Blogging

    • Brand Awareness
      Establish a presence. People become more aware of your company and what you can offer them.
    • Credibility and Expertise
      Knowledge is power. Demonstrate your expertise and how your potential customers will benefit from your products or services.
    • SEO Ranking Boost
      Updates are necessary. Google and other search engines favor sites that regularly update and produce content.
    • Connect with your Audience
      Be a social butterfly. Speak to your audience to spark a discussion that relates to their interests and connects with them on a personal level.

Blogging by the Numbers


Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website in comparison to the non-bloggers.


B2B companies generate 67% more leads if they actively blog.


B2C companies generate 88% more leads if they actively blog.

Statistics via Social Media Today

Our Expertise

Our in-house writers produce business blogs for various industries, including financial, legal, manufacturing, consulting, insurance, health and wellness, and more. We work on both ends of the spectrum to produce quality content for B2B and B2C sales.


Developing a Custom Plan for Your Business

Take advantage of flexibility and customization. Our team develops a plan based on your business needs by creating an effective blog schedule with creative, engaging content relevant to your business.