Content Marketing

It’s natural to want instant gratification in today’s society. When you want something now – you don’t want to wait in line. You don’t even want to wait for a page to load. That’s why you now only have about 8 seconds to make a digital impression on a future client.

By 2020, online videos will make up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic. However, if you have been on social media recently, you’ve probably already noticed that video is already taking over your newsfeeds. Facebook and Instagram are focusing more on video, especially with stories and IGTV growing in popularity. To catch up with the trend, Twitter, Pinterest, and even LinkedIn are developing more options for video.

You may find yourself wondering if creating videos to promote your business is really worth it, and it is! Not only is everyone doing it, video is one of the most moldable and profitable digital marketing tools out there.

Social Spice Media gives seven reasons why you should add video into your marketing strategy today:

Even with all the social media platforms and marketing strategies out there, word-of-mouth referrals are still one of the most effective and persuasive means of converting interested audiences into full-fledged customers. Perhaps you bought a new product or used a particular service at the persuasion of a friend or through the encouragement of a social media influencer.
Google recently announced that Google+ will be phasing out over the next 10 months. The decision was made following a security breach that compromised the private data of more than 500,000 Google+ users. When Google+ emerged onto the social media scene in 2011, many businesses immediately created company pages on the new platform – after all, Google is the world’s #1 search engine, and content that is published to a Google+ page has an SEO edge.

It’s hard to believe, with our reputation and full suite of digital marketing services, that Social Spice Media didn’t start in a traditional office building. In fact, some of the best business origination and development stories begin in the most unexpected places. We don’t have...

One of the benefits of digital marketing is that you can be anywhere in the world to market your business as long as you have a computer and the proper tools to get the job done. It may sound simple, but it’s not an easy task. It takes a special set of skills, a dedicated team, and a results-drive mindset to accomplish a successful marketing campaign for your business. Social Spice Media explains why distance doesn’t matter when it comes to our clients – results do – and how we achieve that with local and national businesses.

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One of the things that makes Social Spice special is our ability to make our clients happy not only through results-based digital marketing campaigns, but also through our customer service. In this week’s blog, we share one of our favorite Social Spice success stories about our client, New Era Debt Solutions.
For seasonal businesses and any company executive looking to hit the ground running with an effective campaign, picking the right time to plan your social media strategy is crucial. Social Spice Media reveals why summer is the best time to implement a social media marketing campaign for your Ventura County business.