Website Design and Development

When you’re strolling in an outlet mall, you might find yourself browsing each store’s selections without ever going inside – also known as window shopping. Window shopping gives would-be patrons the opportunity to see if they like the look of a store, some of the offerings on display, and the pricetags associated with the items that stand out to them. Now that more and more shoppers are turning to the Internet for their shopping needs, businesses owners should think of their websites as digital storefronts that showcase their goods and services. This makes it even more important to ensure that your website is one that will attract visitors and turn them into longtime customers.
Have you ever tried to get a word in with your group of friends but to no avail? You have something important to say but it’s impossible to convey your message when your friends’ attention cannot be captured. The online world often operates like this. Even if your business or organization does succeed at drawing visitors to your website, it’s another challenge to get them to answer your call-to-action (signing up for a mailing list, downloading an offer, etc.). Your visitors’ attention is constantly being divided between Internet and real-world distractions.
Launching a new website for your business is a long and intensive process that goes far beyond the actual launch. While you should be proud of your team for all the work they’ve put in and the final product that’s set for launch, don’t settle in yet! It does no good to have a fancy new URL if all your marketing materials, communications, social media and web listings draw your customers to the old one. Social Spice Media suggests updating the following as soon as possible with the launch of a new website:
Last blog, we shared our insight on what it means to truly own a website. As we approach the New Year, you should resolve to do better for yourself, your website, and your business by taking all the necessary steps to protect your digital property.
So far, everything’s running smoothly – you’ve got all the permits you need to run your business, the team to carry out your vision, and you’re just about ready to launch your website. But if your company’s website is getting an upgrade, it’s important to realize that redesigning it can get tricky. If you paid for someone else to create your website, there’s a very good chance you don’t actually own much of it.

It’s hard to believe, with our reputation and full suite of digital marketing services, that Social Spice Media didn’t start in a traditional office building. In fact, some of the best business origination and development stories begin in the most unexpected places. We don’t have...

Web hosting often gets overlooked because it isn’t a marketing component that is easily visible. When a website breaks or delivers errors, the immediate response from a user is typically frustration. Not many think about the backend problems that are causing trouble on the website’s frontend. In this week’s blog, Social Spice Media keys businesses in on the reasons why web hosting is a key ingredient to your website’s success.

Redesigning your business’s website or creating one from scratch can be a time-consuming project. A responsive, functional, and appealing website is required in today’s market. Once it’s complete, you may heave a sigh of relief and think your work is done, but it has only...

One of the benefits of digital marketing is that you can be anywhere in the world to market your business as long as you have a computer and the proper tools to get the job done. It may sound simple, but it’s not an easy task. It takes a special set of skills, a dedicated team, and a results-drive mindset to accomplish a successful marketing campaign for your business. Social Spice Media explains why distance doesn’t matter when it comes to our clients – results do – and how we achieve that with local and national businesses.