Compliance is Complicated…But it’s Not Rocket Science

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Compliance is Complicated…But it’s Not Rocket Science

Smart companies know that leveraging social media marketing is one of the best ways to boost brand awareness and keep their business imprinted on people’s minds. But for financial services, it’s often easier said than done to create a marketing strategy that resonates with their audiences and follows compliance regulations. Social Spice Media shares a few reasons why you shouldn’t let compliance restrictions stop you from pursuing a social media marketing campaign:

Dealing with Compliance Isn’t Impossible

Since 2012, Social Spice Media has worked with a variety of financial services businesses, including financial planners, high-wealth asset management, insurance agencies, debt relief companies, and more. For some companies that are newer to the digital marketing game, the term “social media compliance” may be a cause for concern. After all, you don’t want to accidentally break the rules when you’re just trying to increase brand awareness! In short, compliance rules are not one-size-fits-all. The regulations are dependent on the company, where they’re located, and whom they serve. Some compliance regulations may monitor for potentially misleading claims, images that don’t accurately reflect the company’s goals, or compromises potentially private information. Fortunately, our team works quickly, accurately, tirelessly, and always ahead of schedule to ensure that you and your compliance representatives have ample time to approve all outgoing content and make any necessary changes. We work with you to make sure that our marketing strategies align with your brand goals and are planned well in advance.

You’d Be Crazy Not To

According to numbers from Google, 65% of Internet users are reaching for their cell phones to search for information, including certain products and services (i.e. financial companies), making it unsurprising that mobile conversion rates increased by almost 30% between 2017 and 2018. Here are some more numbers: There are nearly 3.5 billion active social media users today, with those in the 25 to mid-40s age range comprising the largest number of participants. And with the vast majority of cell phone owners utilizing online banking, it’d be a shame not to invest more of your company’s time and efforts into digital marketing to reach this audience. The graph below from The Financial Brand shows just how much digital, email, and content marketing strategies have increased for financial companies between 2004 and 2018: Graph of digital marketing, email marketing, and content marketing All this to say, digital and social media marketing is a hugely effective way to reach out to and attract potential clients to your business. A successful marketing plan will involve engaging social media posts, SEO, relevant keywords, online advertising and valuable content that will make your followers seek more from you. Think about some of the leaders in the financial industry. American Express, for example, does far more than tell audiences to apply for an AmEx card. If you look at American Express’s Instagram and Facebook pages, you’ll see a diversity in imagery, list articles, curated content from current AmEx cardholders, fun facts, influencer marketing, and more. Like AmEx, your business has important stories to tell. Don’t sell yourself short by hoping that customers will magically find you when you don’t have a digital marketing plan in place.

We Deliver Results

If you own a financial services company but are hesitant to add digital marketing to your to-do list, fear not. Even if you feel tied up by compliance regulations, Social Spice Media has the expertise and experience to recognize your unique needs while still creating effective marketing methods on your behalf. Here’s what some of our financial services clients have had to say about us:
“Since we started working with Social Spice Media, business has grown exponentially! Initially, our social media reached about 30 people each day but in a little over a month, that went up to 5,272. If you want your business’s social media presence to leave an impression, a phone call with Social Spice can help make that happen.”

-Edward Jones Advisor
“Jonathan and his team implemented a solid digital marketing campaign and targeted advertising, creating the kind of quality traffic we were looking for. They delivered great content, offered a new perspective on reaching potential clients through SEO, and paid attention to make sure we were putting ad dollars where they were most effective. They’ve handled our social media and are able to give us analytical data, so we know where traffic originates and how best to bring people back to our site.”

-Dan Smith, President of New Era Debt Solutions
“Working with Social Spice Media has been a breath of fresh air. I love the website they created for my business and look forward to our ongoing work together. I appreciate the time and creativity the Social Spice team put into boosting Mazirow Commercial’s internet presence and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for help with website and Social Media Marketing!”

-Sheryl Mazirow CCIM, President of Mazirow Commercial
Get in touch with Social Spice Media today to learn about how we can craft and refine your business’s digital marketing strategies. We know that each of our clients is different, and our team can create website copy, blog content, and web designs that reflect your goals. Do you know someone who could benefit from our services? Refer them to us today! Our team is eager to connect with businesses in any industry. We serve the local needs of Ventura County and Santa Barbara as well as anywhere in the United States.