Creating Demand and Drawing Leads With Digital Media

Creating Demand and Drawing Leads With Digital Media FB

Creating Demand and Drawing Leads With Digital Media

Referrals among friends, family, and colleagues continue to be the leading source of business lead generation, but the rate of referrals has been dropping steadily over the last few years—decreasing nearly 15% since 2013. Relying on these referrals alone is becoming a risky strategy for business marketing. Coming in second place and moving its way up, online lead generation could soon outpace referrals as the foundation of a businesses growth. As people continue to select a business from a sea of competitors, you need to carefully craft your digital images to draw demand and business leads. Social Spice Media offers the following strategies to help your business shine in the ever-expanding digital marketplace:

Be Familiar With Your Competitors

While a good reputation, fair pricing, and cultural fit used to be the top three selection criteria for customers searching for a brand, the over-saturation of these features has caused relevant experience and expertise to now reign supreme. But how can you prove that you have experience and expertise that your competitors don’t? Firstly, you need to know your competitors. Make time to conduct research on social media to see what imaging, language, social channels, and content strategies your competitors are employing and what niche audiences they are pursuing. For instance, you might see that most law competitors are not using Pinterest and decide to follow suit and steer clear of that social network. Or, you might decide that you want to focus your law practice on women in particular and chose to utilize Pinterest to reach this untapped market. Ultimately, being great at what you do is important, but it’s no longer enough to draw demand. You need to be intimately familiar with what your competition is doing and then offer something unique.

Set Yourself Apart In The Industry

The goal is not simply to offer everything your competitors don’t, but to carve out a specific audience that would be drawn to your particular skill-set, communication style, and services. If you advertise on Facebook, you might consider installing a tracking pixel, which is an analytics tool that will measure the effectiveness of your advertising on your selected audiences. This can help you build and refine a “lookalike audience” that is most likely to click on your ads, engage with your content, and navigate to your website. Once you have a representation of your customer base, you can get a better feel for who you should be designing your content for. Your content and your target audience should mirror one another. Digital media that’s informative (such as blog posts, podcasts, and emails) are great for demonstrating your particular expertise and generating demand and potential future leads. Not all the content has to be unique, so long as you add something to it. For example, you might use social media primarily to share informative news articles on topics in your field. Although it’s not your content, it still reflects your interests as well as the drive you have to stay informed about trends in your industry. Creating and sharing informative content also tells your clients that you care about their success and gives them access to your expertise for their benefit. While content of this nature doesn’t directly generate sales, it will nurture and maintain your client base, which can generate sales in the long term.

Gain, Nurture, and Maintain Your Leads

Although fewer referrals are being made via word-of-mouth, clients are just as willing to be referral sources. Whenever you can, let your happy clients’ words do your sales for you through testimonials, reviews, and quotes in your social media—their words will mean more than yours, even to strangers. Additionally, offering informative content with your unique experience and expertise draws and maintains an audience of potential leads that will continue to refer you to family, friends, coworkers, and even strangers on digital media because of the valuable content you give them, free of charge. Get in touch with Social Spice Media today to learn more about how we drive sales and create more meaningful connections with your customer base through brand development. We look forward to getting to know you and starting a campaign to advance your marketing goals. Do you know someone who could benefit from our services? Refer them to us today! Our team is eager to connect with businesses in any industry. We serve the local needs of Ventura County and Santa Barbara as well as anywhere in the United States.