Does Your Website Fit Your Business?

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Does Your Website Fit Your Business?

Your website is a virtual representation of your business and should reflect your business brand as well as its expertise, mission statement, and client base. Be sure to keep the following in mind when designing your business website:


The design, voice, and general aesthetic of your website should be consistent with your marketing collateral and with your intended audience. Be sure that your brand is reflected in color choices, font styles, layout, and images. You also want each visit to your business website to be a positive one, so be very conscious of clashing colors, hard-to-read fonts, or images that might come across as abrasive. Your website should cater to your clients and customers, so make sure you’re creating a design that would appeal to your demographics.


Although more content may be seen as better for SEO purposes, the same may not be true for your customers. If someone has to spend more than a few minutes clicking through your website trying to find the information they’re looking for, they may get frustrated and take their businesses elsewhere. While it’s important to have information about your business and services, be sure to organize your content into tabs and subheads that are logical and easy to skim. After all, your goal is for your customers to easily navigate your website to get the information they need (and hopefully contact you!). Your content should be engaging, succinct, and have a clear purpose. If you want to provide news and information for clients about your industry to show your credibility, consider building a blog that can separate that type of content from your main pages.


Industries can sometimes undergo rapid changes, which can cause a business to reevaluate their products, services, and even mission statements. This is a normal life cycle in business—as your business grows, it may increase the services or products that it offers, or it may specialize and offer less. Your website should be updated regularly to reflect these changes and make it clear to customers about what you do. If you no longer offer a particular service, you should remove it from your website as soon as possible, especially if you make regular social media postings dedicated to that service and direct traffic to this page. If you’re wondering whether your website reflects your business, consider asking another business owner if you can provide one another feedback. A network of professionals is an excellent way to ensure mutual success.

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