Facebook vs. LinkedIn

Facebook vs. LinkedIn

When choosing the right social media channels to accomplish your marketing goals, it can be a tough task to understand which platforms are best for your business. How can you be sure the channels you select will make a meaningful connection between your company and your customers? How can you expect a Return on Investment from dedicating time to managing your business’s various accounts? This week, Social Spice Media takes a closer look at two competing social media channels that have ramped up their marketing to utilize their platforms for advertising.


Facebook vs. LinkedIn

Though Facebook still leads in statistics as the most used social channel, LinkedIn has been gaining popularity among business professionals alike. Facebook was previously an excellent platform to advertise your business when they first rolled out advertising, but recent changes have created headaches for businesses that do not seem to be going away anytime soon. Some of the changes include making Facebook a place for family and friends, kicking anyone outside of those categories out. Businesses were able to work around this through advertising, but B2B marketing initiatives still prove unsuccessful.

LinkedIn has increased awareness for advertising on their platform, as Facebook has proven to be the wrong space for marketing to other businesses. Facebook has always been more consumer central. They want their users to now only see information that is relevant to them without letting anything false or misleading get in the way. This poses extra challenges for businesses determining which social platforms are the best to advertise and share their content.


B2B vs. B2C

Facebook and LinkedIn give businesses the opportunity to advertise to two important types of markets: B2B and B2C. In order to target business professionals and decision makers, you need more personal information. As most of these decision makers hand over their work email before their personal one, it automatically poses a challenge to market your services to a business.

This is why LinkedIn is optimal for Business-to-Business marketing. You can sponsor content that is placed directly in front of the businesses you are looking to target because their profile information reveals more specifics about their career history. As a networking platform designed to connect like-minded business professionals, LinkedIn gives your company the opportunity to gain visibility, collect leads, and increase brand awareness.

Facebook fosters more advertising success for Business-to-Consumer markets, as the platform has become a more personal landscape. Consumers are looking to connect with friends and family as well as see relevant ads that align with their profile interests.

Social Spice Media vs. Other Marketing Agencies

How do you choose the right platforms? As a busy executive focused on running your business, you cannot be expected to have all the answers. Partnering with a digital marketing agency can greatly help you achieve your marketing and advertising goals because we are equipped with the expertise to steer your campaign in the right direction.

Other marketing agencies don’t have the same expertise or connections to personal advertising reps that Social Spice Media has gained over the years. We have worked hands-on with Facebook and LinkedIn to ensure we are delivering our clients the results they deserve. Whether they are seeking quality leads, increased website traffic, more page likes, or brand awareness, we have the ingredients to success.

Get in touch with Social Spice Media to learn more about how advertising management can benefit your business and increase sales. We look forward to helping you achieve your marketing and advertising goals.