Fake News: Who Do You Trust Online and in the Media?

Young Businessman Reading Fake News is Shocked

Fake News: Who Do You Trust Online and in the Media?

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! It is no secret that news sources and the media report false or misleading news when they hear about a scintillating story that would boost ratings. In fact, recent research has proven the trust in the media has dwindled over the years. People are also aware of the bias that exists within various corporations and media outlets. So, in a world where it is effortless to quickly share information, who is left to trust? Our tips will help guide you through debunking the fake news.

Do Some Research

According to Gallup, “Americans’ trust and confidence in the mass media ‘to report the news fully, accurately and fairly’ has dropped to its lowest level in Gallup polling history, with 32% saying they have a great deal or fair amount of trust in the media.” They released this report in 2016, and the numbers have still not improved. Our best advice? Do your research before determining if a story is fact or fiction. The story also doesn’t have to be something newsworthy. It can be something as simple as a person sharing an inaccurate—and completely biased—story about their experience at a restaurant or working with a company. As social media experts, one thing we have noticed is how people love to exaggerate. People also love to talk and share information. The nature of reporting fake news shares several similarities with people’s behaviors online and in the media. People like to write negative reviews and tarnish brands’ online reputations, but the credibility begins to falter. Who is left to trust?

Check with Your Friends

Social media still remains a powerful tool, especially for referrals. Who do you trust more than anyone to give you an honest review of a business? We’d bet your friends and family. And where can they find your honest opinions? You guessed it: social media. It is becoming more and more common for users to tag their locations and post their thoughts about their experiences wherever they go. For instance, if you dine at a restaurant for a birthday celebration and the food is terrible, you are not going to recommend that place to anyone. Some people use social media as an outlet to share their positive and negative experiences with their friends. This makes it easier to do a credibility check rather than trusting other online reviews some questionable sources that report “fake news” to enhance their reputation.

Reach Out to Businesses

Social media has made it just as easy to reach out to businesses online. Depending on the company, some are quick to make it right, while others ignore reviewers and commenters completely. When you share a displeasing experience publicly on social media, a company that values your business will do what they can to fix the situation. This demonstrates to other potential customers that the business stands behind their product and/or services. Using social media to do it reveals a layer of transparency that not all businesses can tout. Creating an online presence for your brand and actively demonstrating your company’s *truthful* voice can be a powerful tool. Do you need help creating, branding, and managing your business’s social media presence? Get in touch with Social Spice Media today to learn more about our social media marketing campaigns designed to get your business noticed and increase sales. We look forward to getting to know you and starting a campaign to advance your marketing goals. Do you know someone who could benefit from our services? Refer them to us today! Our team is eager to connect with businesses in any industry. We serve the local needs of Ventura County and Santa Barbara as well as anywhere in the United States.