The Holiday Watch: Staying Safe on Social

The Holiday Watch: Staying Safe on Social

Social media is a great way to connect with friends and family, share photos, and brag about tasty holiday dinners. It’s also a powerful tool that broadcasts information and stores data that could hinder your holidays this year. We’re going to give you our tips on staying safe on social during the holidays and how to share your memories without sharing valuable information to lure unwanted visitors to your home.

Are you going out of town?

It’s exciting to travel and spend time with friends and family, but it’s wise to hold off on posting this information until you’re back in town. You don’t want to advertise that your house will be empty, unwatched, and unprotected. Burglars don’t go on vacation when you do, so play it safe on social.

Location: Gone for the holidays

Try to steer clear of the location function on social media platforms this holiday season. You don’t want to announce your location, either, because you can easily let others know where you are and where you aren’t. Empty house = full pockets for burglars.

Keep your presents in their boxes

Don’t show off your gifts or holiday splurges all over Facebook, Twitter, and the like. You may have been eyeing that 40” flat screen all year round and were excited to catch it on sale, but a burglar will be even happier to take it off your hands. Make sure precious and valuable items are not easily visible through windows or other spaces.

Don’t complain about what’s broken

Don’t post about issues like broken locks, doors, or windows. These vulnerabilities can turn into easy entry spots for burglars. You don’t want to make it effortless for them to get inside your house and take your valuables.

Stay safe (and sober) on social

Lastly, no matter how much you’ve been enjoying that new Cabernet your aunt brought over for the holidays, it may be wise to stay away from social until your judgement recovers. You don’t want burglars thinking you are an easy target and you may want to save yourself from embarrassment on social media. You don’t want to find you’ve made a show of yourself on social once you’ve sobered up. If you need help managing social media for your business and creating an online presence, Social Spice Media wants to start and boost your online success. Get in touch with us to discuss the right social media package for your business. We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season this year filled with many friends, family, and good food!