How Logos and Taglines Impact Brand Perception

How Logos and Taglines Impact Brand Perception

How important is a good logo and tagline for your business? Your logo and tagline are your brand’s first impression—the combination of letters, colors, and designs that represent your business to the world. Like any other impression, this first one can make or break you. No matter how much time and money you put into your product or service, it’s all wasted if potential customers don’t take notice and make the association between your brand and the value it offers them. A strategically designed logo and tagline can help get your brand noticed by grabbing people’s attention right off the bat and attracting them to learn more about what you have to offer. Companies are going to great lengths to rebrand themselves. They’re spending a lot of money recreating the way.

But Why Does it Matter So Much?

Great logos have a huge impact on brand recognition and brand perception, which is why many organizations go through such effort to establish one. A logo can also help your business stand out from competitors.  The more memorable your brand, the easier it will be for customers to recognize you and associate you with quality products or services. There are many ways to incorporate design elements into your company’s branding efforts, just talk to us over here at Social Spice!

What’s In a Logo?

Logos are many times the first and only introduction a viewer might get, so making sure your logo is eye-catching, engaging and memorable is key. Off the top of your head, think of some of the well-known logos in your world. What do they have in common? We’ll give you a hint: simplicity. Simple logos are easy to remember, and they get the message across. But simple doesn’t have to mean boring! Color is one of the best ways to introduce life into your logo, so think about the colors that represent your brand best. Different colors represent different things.  For example, red can mean passion, blue signifies trustworthiness, and yellow communicates happiness. Find what aligns best with your company values and incorporate it into your new logo! Shapes can also play a large part in how consumers view your logo. Angular shapes and hard lines are often associated with durability and strength, while rounded and soft icons hint at compassion or comfort. Not all logos require shapes though. Finding a unique and eye-catching typeface can also attract even the most unassuming customer. Whatever you choose, always keep your customer in mind– they’ll be the ones reppin’ your brand!

What Emotions Do You Want to Bring Up in People?

This question should be relatively straightforward, and it will help you craft a brand perception for your logo and tagline that can actually draw people in. A good place to start is by describing how you want your brand to make people feel. You can pull directly from your audience’s needs. For example, wanting your clients to feel excited about their business or wanting your customers to feel comfortable with your company.

Say It Again: The Anatomy of a Tagline

Whether you know it as a slogan, catchphrase or call to action, every business needs something that can verbally bring remembrance. Like your logo, your tagline is a simple element that spells out your company values. For many companies, it is one of the most crucial elements. As with everything in this day and age, less is best – or less is more as customarily stated. No more are the days of catchy jingles or theme songs to advertise a product (though they do still have a fond place in our nostalgic hearts). It’s absolutely possible to pack your company values, identity and motives into a two to six word slogan. The “Snap! Crackle! Pop!” of Rice Krispies displays the actual sound of the product, creating a lasting memory every time you pour a bowl. Toyota’s “Let’s Go Places” shows that their brand is about traveling and moving ahead. There are a number of descriptive taglines that remain in the minds of consumers that easily describe the brands they identify with. If you recall in our last blog, 5 Ways to Find Your Brand Voice, you learned the importance of maintaining your brand voice. To further the discussion of your own brand logo, tagline and overall message – please reach out to us here at Social Spice Media so that we can help you craft an idea that would last a lifetime.