How TikTok is Shaping the Future of SEO

Someone holding their phone and clicking on the TikTok app

How TikTok is Shaping the Future of SEO

No longer is TikTok a place solely for dances and catchy songs. Users aren’t just flocking to TikTok to watch short videos; they’re using it as a search engine to discover information, brands, and new trends. But what does this mean for the world of SEO and other established search engines?

TikTok as a Search Engine: What’s the Deal?

Traditionally, search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo offer results based on website relevancy and other SEO metrics. However, TikTok offers content based on video and user engagement. This pivot from text-based information to video content demonstrates a significant shift in user preference.   As more brands and influencers establish their presence on TikTok, users find it convenient to ‘search’ for trending products, how-to guides, reviews, or even educational content. By simply typing a keyword into TikTok’s search bar or exploring via hashtags, one can delve into a plethora of content categories. 

The SEO Implications

TikTok’s rise as a discovery platform poses new challenges and opportunities for digital marketers:    
  1. Video Content is King: Brands will need to allocate resources to produce high-quality, engaging video content. The trend suggests a transition from long-form written content to snackable video content that captures attention immediately.
  1. Authenticity Over Polish: TikTok values real, raw, and relatable content. Unlike other platforms where highly polished videos reign supreme, TikTok’s algorithm seems to favor genuine and spontaneous content. This could mean a potential shift in how brands approach content creation.
  1. Mobile Optimization: As a mobile-first platform, TikTok underscores the importance of optimizing all content for mobile viewing. This trend isn’t new, but its emphasis means that businesses can’t afford to overlook mobile users anymore.
  1. Shift in Keyword Strategy: Hashtags are the new keywords. Businesses will need to identify trending hashtags relevant to their niche and incorporate them into their posts to increase discoverability.

What Does This Mean for Other Search Engines?

While traditional search engines won’t be going extinct anytime soon, TikTok’s rise signals a more diverse digital landscape:  
  1. Diversification of Search Platform: To be where their audience is, businesses need to branch out to platforms like TikTok to capture a broader demographic.
  1. Integrated Search Experience: With Google already indexing video content, we can anticipate a more integrated search experience where text, video, and other multimedia formats coexist seamlessly.
  1. Redefining SEO Metrics: User engagement may become as critical as link-building. Platforms like TikTok prioritize content that keeps users engaged, implying that future SEO strategies might weigh user interaction more heavily.

The Road Ahead

The shift towards platforms like TikTok, where search is integrated with social interaction and video content, suggests a future where information discovery is multifaceted. For businesses and marketers, adaptability will be key. Not really jumping ship from traditional SEO practices but about integrating new strategies that align with evolving user behavior.   TikTok’s emergence as a potential search engine contender underscores the importance of meeting users where they are and how they want to consume content. As technology and platforms evolve, so must our strategies. The future of SEO is dynamic, with a blend of old and new tactics. And as always, those who adapt will thrive.   Want to up your reach and learn how to become searchable through TikTok? Contact Social Spice Media to get started today!