How to Make Friends and Influence People (on Social Media)

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How to Make Friends and Influence People (on Social Media)

Social media ranges from a powerful force to be reckoned with to a shout into the endless void of the Internet. You may have all of the social media apps in the world yet reap no benefit to your business traffic whatsoever. Aside from having a consistent and active presence on social media, there are several other factors to consider when maximizing your social media quality:

It’s Not You, it’s Them

It’s not a secret that people love to talk about themselves. In fact, most people are far more interested in themselves than they are in you, or your business. Knowing this, it is crucial to frame your messages in a way that appeals to your intended audience and speaks to their desires, goals, and needs. Take an interest in your audience and they will take an interest in you. Think beyond the product that your business is selling and look to what asset, lifestyle, service, or knowledge you can offer your clients—what intangible value can you offer that goes beyond the material? How can you make your customer feel justified in giving you business? Social media allows you the opportunity to add a face and personality to your business that has real potential to make a connection with individuals. So the next time you feel like spamming about how great your company is, consider focusing on what value you can offer to your customers’ lives.

Stop Talking and Listen

Social media is wrought with businesses fighting to get your attention to buy their product, support their cause, or purchase their service. In fact, it can be so overwhelming that many people have started taking social media hiatuses. Although it is important to maintain a regular presence on your social media accounts, looking, listening, and connecting are just as important if not more important than posting. Be attentive to any reactions or comments on your posts and respond to them—there are real people on the other end of your communication who want more in a business than just a product. They are seeking a connection that will add value to their lives. Most importantly, always respond promptly, personally, and politely to any messages you might receive on social media. Depending on the network, you may obtain an automated rating based on how quickly you respond and users may be able to rate the quality of your response. In a sea of ads, people will notice when you take the time to acknowledge their presence. Consider tailoring your messages with a first name, follow-up questions, and individualized recommendations.

Information is Free

People have endless options of where to turn for any product, service, or cause, so why should they choose you amongst countless other choices? The best way to convince someone that you know what you’re talking about is to talk about it for free. Through blogs and social media posts, put your best foot forward and offer potential customers as much useful information as you can about your product or service. If you go out of your way to help people and allow them to trust their own judgement, they will usually come to you when they do need something that is not free. If you are an expert in what you’re selling, showing is much more powerful than telling, ultimately this benefits you as well as potential customers by increasing your web traffic!

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