How Videos Can Supercharge Your Website!

How Videos Can Supercharge Your Website!

Having a video on the landing page of your site makes it 53% more likely to show up on page one of Google (Virtuets). Many website owners find that one of the most visited page on their site is the “about” page. Why is that so? Visitors, potential customers, want to know who you are. The “about” page is like the small talk before the business deal. People want to know what you offer, but also who they’re dealing with. While most site owners might have an about page, they don’t necessarily know why they should have it, or what to do with it. As result, the page ends up being boring, uninformative, and lackluster. Instead of drawing people in, it confuses them. This is a great reason to clean up and reorganize your about page by adding a concise, engaging video that truly serves your audience. You can do a lot on your “about” page with text and photos. But you can take it to another level with video.   Check out these two examples from Rick Pena. In the first, Rick discusses who he is, why he loves doing what he does and more:   Next, check out this fun video that Rick created. It’s a great way to show off his personality. It’s difficult to get personality across on a website, but a video can really get the message across:   Here are several reasons why videos are great for about pages:  

You Can Say More With Less

Is your about page getting a little wordy? Although the “about” page is a great place to “deliver the goods” for your website visitors, you can lose a lot of people if you don’t use other forms of media – such as pictures and videos – to engage them. Video affords you the opportunity to say more with less. The combination of text, pictures, audio and video can help you relay your message with considerably less friction. Attaching faces to your company can also humanize your business. Trust and loyalty are harder to come by in today’s world, but when you’re fully transparent with your visitors and potential customers, you can earn their trust through informative, educational, and entertaining videos.   Here is a video from Pleasant Valley School District where they discuss their mission. You often find a mission on an “about” page. Creating a video adds another dimension of language and communication that is lost with text only:  

You Can Increase Engagement

Are you finding that your about page is too formal? This may or may not be something you’re conscious of, but a two-to-three paragraph explanation of the company’s beginnings is often inadequate in capturing the attention of your visitors who might be future customers of yours. If the about page is one of the most visited piece of content on your website, shouldn’t you be making a concerted effort to deliver the goods to your prospects? Video allows you to tell your story in a succinct, engaging way. You can capture and hold the attention of your visitors for longer, and also give them a better understanding of your products and services.   Here is a video from Health Benefit Advisors. The president of the company gets the message across very well about why the company exists and what it provides for clients:   Just make sure nothing is lost in translation. We live in an increasingly technical and technological world. You might be offering a software application that helps your customers boost their CRO, but many of your prospective customers may not even know what CRO is, let alone that it stands for Conversion Rate Optimization. Your videos should help viewers achieve more clarity and not confuse them.  

You Can Build More Trust With Your Visitors

If you have short, professional quality videos, you can build an immense amount of trust with your visitors. This is also to say that low-quality videos aren’t going to do you any favors. If you’re going to invest in a video for your about page, you should hire professionals to help you figure out the content and the sequencing of scenes to best effect. High-quality video exudes professionalism and substance. In other words, when you have a great video, your customers will also assume that you will do more quality work on their behalf as well. Here is another video from Pleasant Valley School District. It’s high quality and builds trust with viewers because they can see the teachers and administrators that will be working with students:

Final Thoughts

51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI (Marketing Technology). Video has the potential to be a powerful business tool. If you aren’t aware of the stats behind the growth of video marketing and YouTube, you should definitely take a look. Many known entrepreneurs and businesses have videos on their about pages because it shows them in action. You can pick up on someone’s vibe through their blog posts or podcast episodes, but there’s something about video that can create an instant connection. This is much harder to achieve with other forms of media. If you’re looking for help with video production, we would love to hear from you. Let’s work together to create a video that wins over your audience.  

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