Infographics: How to Optimize Social Media Strategy

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Infographics: How to Optimize Social Media Strategy

Consider adding an infographic to your social media strategy to make sharing information fun and imaginative. Complex data can be shared, understood, and remembered easily with an infographic in place of an image.  

When Should You Use Infographics?

  Social media is flooded with images, stories, and videos. Developing social media strategy can be overwhelming, and standing out in the virtual crowd can be even harder. Finding a photo that matches the messaging can be time-consuming, and feel nearly impossible. Try posting an infographic instead!   Use an infographic to explain a specific project or urgent fundraising deadline, especially when you have complex data to present. It will help your followers retain and recall that information in an eye-catching way.   If your brand is looking to showcase your expertise, explain specifics, or simply to engage your followers, a bright and clean infographic is always an option to consider. It’s an effective way to share data that is visually pleasing and easy to understand.  

Anyone Can Make an Infographic

  Yes, that means you! Even with very little graphic design experience, there are tools and software that make it easy to create infographics to add to your content calendar. There are a few things to consider when drafting an infographic:  
  1. Who is your target audience?
  2. Research which design software works best for your needs
  3. Keep the imagery and colors simple and complimentary
  4. Simplify the text to a more bullet-point style instead of paragraphs
  5. Try a few different designs and ask your team for feedback or edits
  6. Add your logo
  7. Share with your followers
infographic of steps listed above Often, an infographic is a step-by-step guide. Keep in mind, infographics should not be packed with information and images. Depending on the topic, you may only need a few words or small graphics to get the point across. Use engaging text and words that draw attention and start a conversation. And in the era of meme culture, an infographic has the potential to go viral!   Regardless of how much data and information is presented in your graphic, don’t forget to include your brand logo – and if your business doesn’t have one yet, consider a logo designer!  

Infographics > Images

  When considering your social media strategy, an infographic is a clever way to add content without exceeding the word count! Your message or slogan can be front and center, rather than just being included in the caption.   Your competition is just a swipe away so make sure your followers stop and stare! Attention spans are short, so a post only has a couple seconds to make a real impression. Adding text seamlessly to an image as an infographic ensures the message is not being lost in the caption.   An infographic is an interactive way to share important or serious information. Add some color and appropriate icons and keep your text being dry or boring.  

Infographic Tools

  While getting started may seem overwhelming, there are templates and online tools to help define your vision.   Canva is great to use for both beginners and graphic design experts. You can create a wide range of images for social media mostly for free.   While it may be easy to become a designer with Canva, you may find that you simply don’t have the time to use a graphic design program to create infographics for your social media strategy. Social Spice Media is here to help! For all your graphic design and marketing expertise, Social Spice Media can turn your vision into reality. We serve the local needs of Ventura County and Santa Barbara as well as anywhere in the United States.   Social Spice Media provides a variety of packages that will improve the exposure of your business or organization and keep your company’s social media marketing thriving. Get in contact with us today!