Join the Conversation: Why Podcasts are Powerful

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Join the Conversation: Why Podcasts are Powerful

Millions of Americans are listening to podcasts, and that number is growing! There’s been a 51% increase of listeners since last year. If you consider yourself a marketing professional, now is the time to find your voice and leverage the power of the podcast. Do you need to refresh your digital marketing strategy? Here are 6 reasons why podcasting can strengthen your online presence:
  1. Connection

A podcast is an opportunity to develop a uniquely personal connection with your audience by using your voice. You are inviting your current network, as well as strangers and potential customers, to listen to your conversations. Where digital marketing relies on visuals to grab attention, a podcast allows the listener to process information in a different way and engage from almost anywhere. The insight you are sharing should add value, and maybe even a few laughs, to your listener’s day, which in turn creates a more genuine connection and loyalty to your brand. While it takes time and energy to produce a podcast, your followers will appreciate the effort. Listen to the very first episode of the Social Spice Media Podcast here: CLICK HERE
  1. Expand Your Reach

    With streams of endless content, a podcast is a way to grab the attention of your audience while eliminating screen time. Using a podcast, you can reach your audience where a blog cannot: while driving, at work, doing chores, or even while working out, to name a few. Engage a wider group of people who are now interacting with your brand through their headphones!
  2. The Competition

Although it is true that popularity is growing exponentially, podcasting is a much less competitive space than blogging. As of September 2020, there are 1 million podcasts compared to 600 million blogs – which makes now the perfect time to start your own and get your brand’s story noticed.
  1. Social Media Content

    When your production is live, it’s time to promote it on social media. Adding a few sound bites with a simple graphic or animation not only adds to your editorial calendar but also takes your content to the next level! According to Podcast Insights, listeners are much more active on every social media platform – with 94% active on at least one channel! Don’t underestimate the power of graphic design when it comes to promoting your new podcast. Social Spice Media is here to help with all branding essentials.
  1. Subject Matter Experts

    Sharing information is valuable. Make your listening experience entertaining, conversational, and credible with special guests who are leaders in their field.
Most likely, this person can easily be found within your organization. Adding a co-host is another way to include a subject matter expert on a consistent basis. Don’t forget to give the guest or co-host a proper introduction to engage the listener’s full understanding. The best part of featuring guests on your show is that they can be interviewed from anywhere with internet connection and microphone. There are several online tools available to help record remotely.  
  1. Develop New Ideas

    Sometimes you are working on a topic and a brainstorming session can suddenly lead you in an entirely different direction. The same can be true when recording podcasts. You may be surprised at the ideas or creative insight that can arise when you are engaged in a conversation. Some editing may be required to stay on topic, but now you have new ideas to spin off of for the next episode.
If you are in the early planning stages and need new ideas, you can always ask the audience with a survey. Create content that people want, and they will be back for more.  

Tips for Beginners

Starting is often the hardest part. The bare minimum you will need to record is a computer with a USB microphone and internet access.   When first planning your show, ask yourself what information do you want to share, and why? A successful podcast makes the listener feel like the host is speaking directly to them.   The best way to start any project is with an outline:
  • Lay out your potential topics for an entire season
  • Research equipment, hosting, production & editing software
  • Schedule guests or co-hosts
  • Script your show
  • Think about intro music and cover art
  Your podcast title and an interesting summary are two of the most important factors when attracting listeners. Let them know what they should expect from your show in the description, and help them find you with a descriptive episode title. Make your podcast easily searchable by using names aligned with what your target audience is looking for – avoid using your own name.  

Where to Listen

Whether you’re producing your own or not, it’s worthwhile to search for your favorite podcast for inspiration. Most music streaming platforms, like Apple Music and Spotify, also feature podcasts. There are other websites and directories that help you discover new listening experiences like The Listener, and Listen Notes. If it seems overwhelming to find your favorite podcast, ask your friends what they are listening to! And don’t forget to tell your friends if you are producing a podcast. Word of mouth is usually the strongest form of marketing, so let your network know of your work and ask them to leave reviews.  

Endless Possibilities

In the US, 60 million homes consider themselves to be podcast fans. 75% of Americans are now familiar with podcasting, which is an increase of 10 million in just one year! In 2020, more Americans listened to podcasts rather than go to church or religious services. The top three genres are comedy followed by education and news, in that order.   Do you want to dive into podcasting but don’t know where to start? Let us help! Social Spice can get you heard with production and content resources. Consider the power of the podcast to reach your target audience and beyond.