Keep Your Ads on the Right Track with a Facebook Tracking Pixel

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Keep Your Ads on the Right Track with a Facebook Tracking Pixel

Facebook is the most widely used social network worldwide with over 2 million active users. Therefore, it’s no surprise that it is also used by most businesses for marketing ads. If you’re not advertising on Facebook, you’re missing out. If you are advertising on Facebook but you’re doing it without a tracking pixel, you’re not doing much better.

What is a Tracking Pixel and What Does it Do?

The Facebook tracking pixel is a piece of code that was rolled out last year. When placed on your website, the tracking pixel collects and tracks cookies (bits of data) from Facebook ad traffic. It will keep track of the ways in which your website users interact with your website, including how many times people visit certain pages, sign up for your newsletter, or add items to shopping carts when directed from Facebook. This will help you track what click-throughs on your Facebook ads actually convert to, helping you build a more accurate target or “lookalike” audience and optimize your ad targeting. It will also allow your ads to surface on Instagram without requiring you to have an account on the platform, since Instagram is owned by Facebook.

Is it Safe?

Anything that tracks or gathers data can understandably create privacy concerns. However, while the Facebook tracking pixel does gather data on patterns of users, it doesn’t collect specific identifiable data of individual users. Cookies are collected all over the internet in order to better customize the experience of using the web. For example, search engines use them to make predictions based on past searches, app developers use them to identify and fix bugs, and websites with online shopping carts use cookies to save time and offer convenience for shoppers. A Facebook tracking pixel is a crucial part of advertising on Facebook and it will help you create the most effective advertisements and display them to the people most likely to click on the ads. It can even help you understand your audience beyond Facebook ads by giving you intel on the patterns and habits of your website’s users. For example, you can find out what pages and features on your website are the most popular, discover how long the average user spends on each page, and pinpoint potential bugs. If you have more questions about the benefits of advertising on Facebook or utilizing a Facebook tracking pixel, get in touch with Social Spice Media today. We look forward to getting to know you and starting a campaign to advance your marketing goals. Do you know someone who could benefit from our services? Refer them to us today! Our team is eager to connect with businesses in any industry. We serve the local needs of Ventura County and Santa Barbara as well as anywhere in the United States.