Master Social Media #Netiquette on Your Business Pages

Master Social Media #Netiquette on Your Business Pages

You might run a well-oiled machine during your business hours but your company doesn’t get a break from building its reputation after you clock out for the day. Smart business owners already know the importance of representing their organizations on social media but unfortunately some make the mistake of running their brands’ online accounts like a personal profile. Social Spice Media provides some do’s and don’ts of running your business page on social media:

DO make sure you’re using the correct social media account.

Whether you’re showing off your favorite pics of your pup or posting a video of your karaoke rendition of a Hall and Oates song, you don’t want what’s intended for your own Facebook account to wind up on your business’s page. Hopefully you will do your part to avoid a potentially embarrassing incident but always check your posts before and after they go live to ensure you’re not compromising the image of your brand.

DO have a designated social media manager.

This is not the time to allow just anyone control your business’s social media presence. We know that not all companies have the resources to have someone take on the social media management of the business but it’s important to not delegate these responsibilities to a person who doesn’t know the language of your brand (like a new employee or intern). Make yourself the administrator on all the social media platforms your business uses but you can have someone else in charge of the posting. Just be sure to have set guidelines and basic do’s and don’ts on what sort of wording and imaging you want your business to reflect.

DON’T be too spammy or salesperson-y.

Do you ever find yourself put off by brands that constantly tell you to “buy, buy, buy”? Don’t be that kind of company. Change up your messaging so that you’re not coming across as overly sales-y. Ideas for content (other than encouraging customers to buy your product or service) include customer testimonials, #FlashbackFriday posts, reposts, fun facts, and contests.

DON’T settle for just anyone liking your page.

Vanity metrics such as follower count don’t mean everything. Make sure your posts serve the audience you’re targeting; don’t just post content that might appeal to more people because you want more “likes.” For example, an outdoor apparel company shouldn’t post funny GIFs (unless it directly relates to their voice and branding) just because a wider audience will resonate with them. More likes don’t always equate to more revenue for you.

DON’T delete negative comments or bad reviews.

If you’re feeling defensive, pause for a moment. Unless a follower has posted something vulgar or offensive, you shouldn’t delete posts that put your business in a bad light. Be transparent and use this unfortunate situation as a chance to turn things around. You can publicly solve the disgruntled customer’s problem, making you look like the empathetic, attentive business owner we know you are.

DO show off the fabulous team behind your business.

If it fits with the vibe of your business, don’t be afraid to share about your team to the world. For one thing, posting about your team is a form of content that is always timely, and it allows your followers to get an inside look at what kind of environment your business fosters. And if business is booming, who knows? Perhaps if have the budget to hire another team member, your posts about the people behind your business will draw in talented people who know about your company culture thanks to your social media presence.

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