New Updates in Your “Social” Life

New Updates in Your “Social” Life

Social media has made it effortless to know what’s going on in the world, including updates from companies and their endeavors. We can be made instantly aware of the new features on apps we love, which companies are having sales, and which companies might not be around much longer. As social media professionals, we have to be in-the-know about these things and concerned with what’s going on in our “social” lives. We’re going to update you on a few things that are becoming popular in social media.

For starters, Vine disappeared a few weeks ago. The app that lets you post six seconds of precious video (or pointless video, depending on your tastes) has said its farewells to the social world. We’re not too surprised considering Vine offered a one-note product that users could get in from other apps complemented by many features. Vine was a product of Twitter – we’re not too confident that little bird is going to be sticking around for much longer, either, given their recent “up for sale” announcement. If you loved the app, not to worry. You won’t be able to post new videos or even download the app, but it will still remain online with its existing content.

Enough sad talk…we’ve grabbed a tissue and moved on! It’s time to celebrate the new innovations in the social market. Apple has delivered its users yet another innovation last year. They always surprise iOS users with something new every once in a while with their software updates. This time: Live Photos. It was first released in September of 2015, but its popularity hasn’t emerged until now with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Live photos allow you to take a 3-second moving photo that includes audio. How cool is that? We’re wondering though if these “photos” can be classified as such– isn’t a live photo just a video? After all, they move. What do you think?

Around this time last year Pinterest also released buyable pins in order to give app users the opportunity to purchase products they see and like. The company’s slogan, “The world’s catalog of ideas,” finally took shape when they turned the catalog into a platform that allows consumers to purchase from it. Pinterest-lovers usually come across several DIY projects they re-pin and hope to try one day, food recipes, styling tips, and much more.

Before the update, Pinterest users would have to search the depths of the Internet to find the things they loved on the app, as if it were buried treasure. Sometimes pins became so outdated that the thing users were searching for were no longer in production. The new shoppable Pinterest allows users to discover and buy without having to leave the app. Isn’t that convenient?

Speaking of social shopping…did you hear about what Instagram has in the works? With increasing numbers of users becoming dependent on mobile devices, transactions are occurring more often on those types of devices. It’s an easy solution if you find yourself needing something now and don’t until you get home to your computer or can’t stand the thought of going to the mall. Instagram is using this market change to their advantage and they’re testing out the shopping experience on the app. They mention that a couple retail brands like Kate Spade and JackThreads will be helping Instagram set up shop and test the waters. We’re thinking that making shopping easier and more convenient may make for more impulse purchases. Do you think you’ll be able to control yourself? One of our spice girls heard “Kate Spade” and felt a tingle in her wallet!

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