Online ticket sales with lowest fees

Online ticket sales with lowest fees

At 360 W!se, we specialize in offering holistic marketing and branding solutions that work every time.

One of our most popular services has been our ticketing platform working to become a full-service solution. We want to make ticket purchasing a simple, secure, convenient, and enjoyable experience. Consumers expect a ticket and information on topics of their interest, benefits, services, and participation spaces.

With our help, you can maintain online control of all aspects of your event.

These are the most common questions when selling tickets for your event through our low-fee platform:

What do I need to sell tickets?

To sell tickets to your event through us, you only need to contact one of our experts to enter our programming as a producer and have a valid means to receive the money generated from the tickets sold.

Can I sell tickets for several events at the same time?

Yes, one person in charge can be handling tickets for several events as long as they are different events.

What is the commission that 360 W!ise takes for selling tickets on your platform?

We have positioned ourselves as one of the best alternatives in the market precisely because our commissions are the lowest. You can talk to one of our experts to try a commission simulation customized for your event.

How do I know how many tickets I have sold?

On our platform, you can access live information on the status of ticket sales for your event. In the same way, we can send you customized reports when you require them to have all the necessary information at the right time.

How do I scan the tickets at the door of my event? Do I need to buy a device?

With our system, you don’t need to pay for any complicated device to scan tickets; through our platform, the attendees to your event will be able to access a module for optimized e-ticket reading. You need an internet connection for ticket scanning to work, but it doesn’t need high speed. You can also use 3G or 4G connectivity from any phone company.

How is it step by step to scan an e-ticket?

Focus on the QR code, and that’s it. On the screen, you will see the ticket holder’s data and the type of ticket purchased. With these data, you will be able to verify the identity of the person entering. For example, you will be able to deliver specific wristbands according to the ticket purchased.

How do I know if the ticket is a duplicate?

When scanning the ticket, the screen will inform you if the access is correct (green color) or a duplicate (red color). If it is correct, it will show the type of ticket that corresponds to it, for example, VIP access and the person’s data. If it is a duplicate, it will show the date and time the ticket was scanned previously. You will notice that if you scan the same ticket twice in a row, the first scan will be successful, and the second will be a duplicate.

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Online ticket sales with lowest fees
Online ticket sales with lowest fees
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