How Pinterest Leads to Profits

How Pinterest Leads to Profits


If you’re wondering how Pinterest leads to increased profits, you’re not alone. With only four swift years under it’s social belt, it’s uncharted territory for most business owners both big and small. However, if you don’t get in the know with this growing social media marketing giant right now, you’ve already lost major sales in 2014.

We don’t want you losing out on any more of the Pinterest pie at Social Spice Media, so we’ll get straight to the pin-point (sorry we couldn’t help it) on how Pinterest can boost your bottom line, and social media marketing ROI fast with your very first pin board.


Here’s some key facts about Pinterest from our visual marketing guru friends at Piquora:

  • Pinterest is now the third largest social network.
  • The most popular demographic on Pinterest is women from ages 24-54 who also claim that they are the primary buyers of their household, and control 65% of U.S. personal wealth.
  • There are currently 30 billion pins, 15 billion of which got posted only in the last six months.
  • Pinterest is the only social network that is directly product driven, as opposed to other  major networks focused brand building.

All these juicy tidbits combined with other factors only mean on thing: Pinterest drives more social commerce more effectively than Facebook, Twitter and Instagram combined since it’s launch in March of 2010. Because the focus of activity is solely driven by existing images, and since 80-90% of images are hyperlinked back to original brand or company websites, Pinterest is the most powerful and direct traffic funnel to your products on the web. If that’s not enough reason to start pinning like crazy, here’s a few more factoids to get you from saying, “Pinterest, smintrest” to, “Pin me baby one more time”…

  • 9% of online purchases happen within 24 hours of pinning.
  • 32% of purchases happen within that same week.
  • 59% of purchases happen after the first week, and continue into the next quarter. 

If you’re still feeling like a pinhead about how to leverage Pinterest to beef up your profits, let us help you at Social Spice Media with our stellar social marketing expertise on every evolving channel. Leave a comment telling us the biggest challenges you have with keeping up  the rapid, ever-changing environment of social media. We want to help you get in the loop, or on the board (sorry, but not sorry for that last Pintrest pun!)

For more information on how we can help you become a Pinterest powerhouse  , please don’t hesitate to contact us. Call us direct at (805) 482-8312, or, email us at If your phone shy, let’s link up on your favorite social media site–we’d love to connect.