Reasons Your Website May Not be Showing up on Google

Reasons Your Website May Not be Showing up on Google

Google is the #1 search engine in the world. Due to this fact, it is incredibly important to make sure that your website is showing up on the first page of Google search results. SEO, search engine optimization, is extremely important for the success of any business website. Keeping up with the current SEO trends, and optimizing your website accordingly will help improve your website’s search results. Here are some reasons your website may not be showing up on Google.  


The content that you provide on your website will have a huge impact on your website’s visibility on Google. The more relevant content that you provide on each page of your website, the better your search results will be. When Google crawls each page of your website, it is looking to see how relevant your content is for specific keywords. If you do not provide enough content, your page will most likely be overlooked causing it to not show up on Google searches. How do you know if you have enough content? 500 words is a safe place to start when it comes to content. If you want to get really specific about the amount of content to provide, you can check out your competitors. Type in your keyword on Google, and see which companies are in the top 3 spots. Take a look at their website and see how much content they have on each page. If they have 1000 words of content, then 500 words will not be enough to put your web page ahead of theirs on the Google search.  


If your web page is not optimized correctly for your specific keywords, it will not show up on Google searches. When optimizing a webpage, there are specific places that your keywords needs to be. If your keywords are missing from just one of those places, your webpage will rank lower than the competitor’s webpage who has the keywords properly placed. In addition, you want to make sure that your content organically contains your keywords a specific amount of times. The number of times that your keywords must appear will depend on how much content is on that page. The more content you have, the more you will need to use the keywords. You also want to make sure that you do not use the keywords too many times in your content, which is called keyword stuffing. Making sure that your website is optimized correctly according to specific keywords is extremely important if you want to show up on Google searches.  


Keyword research is an important part of website optimization. If you choose the wrong keywords, not only might your website not show up on Google, but you also may be providing irrelevant content. While picking out your keywords make sure that they are relevant to the information that you are providing. If you have great content but choose an irrelevant keyword, that page will not be ranked well on Google. When Google crawls websites, it is looking for information that can benefit users who are searching for specific keywords. Therefore, if Google finds that your content is irrelevant, your website will not have a very good ranking on Google searches.  

Google My Business

It is important for every business to add their website to Google My Business, especially if the business has a physical location. Google My Business allows you to include the location of your business. By doing so, when people search for your businesses keywords near your location, your webpage will be more likely to have a higher search ranking than your competitor who is located farther away. If you have not added your business to Google My Business, then other businesses who have been added will have higher rankings. This will ultimately make it difficult for your site to be found in Google searches. In order for a business to be successful, it needs to have high search rankings. Creating relevant content, optimizing each page of your site for specific applicable keywords, and getting your business added to Google My Business, will help to increase your search rankings. If your business website needs an SEO audit, or if you need professional SEO help to increase your rankings, contact us today. We want to discuss your SEO needs and options with you.