Repairing and Strengthening Relationships Through Technology and Social Media

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Repairing and Strengthening Relationships Through Technology and Social Media

Although the advance of technology and the various social media channels have come under scrutiny for being the supposed cause of many of the world’s problems, social media and technology as a whole prevail in one specific department: providing the ability to help repair and strengthen relationships. Friends and family, old and new, can now stay connected with more ease than ever before. Romantic partnerships can not only be found, but also can prosper through communication via social media. Teambuilding with coworkers are can be improved through friendship and communication on social media channels and technological devices. However, repairing and enhancing damaged relationships through social media and technology is arguably one of the best purposes that these advancements can serve.  

Social Media As a Tool to Improve Relationships

  Social Media has the ability to improve almost any relationship, whether it be a friendship, a romantic partnership or a business relationship. Advancement of social media has changed drastically in the past decade and more. From AOL Instant Messenger to TikTok, Myspace to Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram; social media has progressed so rapidly in recent years that it can be hard to keep up with it all. Communicating in a positive manner with others via social media applications and websites can have a positive effect on both the mental health of an individual and the health of the relationships overall.   Social Media has made improving relationships possible for a number of reasons including:  

Allowing for connection and bonding despite long distances

  Social Media allows us to connect and bond with others across long distances, which is proving to be a huge factor in maintaining relationships in this modern age. Family members, friends, coworkers, and pretty much anyone with a smartphone or computer is now able to connect by video or messaging on a state, country, and even global scale with ease. The magnitude of the range in which we can connect with others via social media is what makes it such a strong tool in connecting and bonding.

Keeping up-to-date with friends, loved ones or coworkers

  With the ability to simply visit someone else’s profile or channel, we can feel more connected to this individual, especially if they are someone that we have face-to-face contact with as well. Seeing what someone is up to personally or professionally and having the ability to talk to them about it online allows us to improve these relationships further and create deeper connections.  

Scrapbooks and Memories

  Pictures and social media “memories” can all be stored on the individual apps to which you post them. This allows us access to view the experiences we’ve had with others, and relieve happy memories, which strengthens our relationship to them.  

Businesses have greater opportunities to interact with each other

  Businesses now have the ability to easily reach out and develop partnerships through social media. We can now not only connect with colleagues or business partners through email, but via social media channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn as well. This further improves current business relationships and allows for the development of new ones.  

Sharing Accounts on Social Media

  The adoption of sharing accounts on social media is ever more present both in a business standpoint and in many relationships nowadays. Businesses are beginning to not only grant access to their social media accounts to other businesses (such as digital marketing agencies like Social Spice Media) in return for their services, but are also allowing access to fellow employees to make posts and interact with customers. This allows for both the improvement of B2B and B2C relationships.    

Using Technology to Strengthen Relationships

  In much of the same ways that social media is used to improve relationships, technology as whole has progressively allowed interactions between individuals and groups to flourish and for those relationships to become even stronger. From the development of the personal computer to the expanse and availability of smartphones for much of the human population, technology is one of the biggest tools we use to develop, strengthen, and improve our relationships in the 21st century.   Some of the main ways that technology improves relationships include:  

Calling or texting availability between friends, family, and colleagues

  This allows for direct communication in a different array of forms, which allows people to communicate in a way that best suits them and whomever they need to connect with. Because of the availability of different direct forms of communication using technology, we are better able to strengthen our relationships with others.  

The wide array of communication applications

  Apps such as Slack allow businesses to better communicate, share documents, or propose meetings and events to their teams. This allows for better and stronger relationships within a company to develop and thrive.  

Facetime or Video Calling

  With the development of individual cameras on devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones has come the ability to Facetime or video call someone. This creates a more personalized experience, which has the potential to greatly improve and strengthen your relationship with that person or group. These developments have been some of the greatest technological advancements that allow for the improvement of relationships.  

The Importance of Face-to-face Interactions

  Although technology and social media are amazing tools to help strengthen relationships in a complete variety of ways, face-to-face interactions allow for interpersonal relationships to prosper as well. Through a combination of both technological and direct interactions, our relationships with one another are able to advance in greater ways than ever before.   At Social Spice Media, we’re all about connecting, developing, and improving relationships through the use of technology and social media. Kerri Fernsworth Feazell of Concurrent Productions has even stated, “I met with someone today who completely changed my point of view on the potential of social media for business. I’m so grateful I had a chance to sit down with Jonathan Boring of Social Spice Media. He explained how he uses Facebook to connect people and repair relationships in a business context! And it’s effective.” Do you need help developing your business, repairing relationships, and improving your overall brand exposure? Get in contact with us today or visit any of our social media channels for more information!