Search Engine Optimization

Get on the first page of search results. And stay there.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key ingredient to your marketing strategy. Our team optimizes your website with keyword-rich copy to make it search-friendly and implements strategies to help you rank higher on leading search engines. SEO is an advertising strategy aimed at generating organic traffic through higher page rankings. Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo use complex, automated algorithms to rank your page. Social Spice Media understands the best SEO practices to get you on the first page of search engines and keep you there.

Your target audience can easily find your business, services,
and products when you implement an SEO framework for your website.

The Social Spice SEO Strategy

  • Keyword research on local/regional competitors and industry leaders
  • Assessment and analysis to determine most competitive keywords
  • Optimize and update meta data (descriptions, titles, and keywords)
  • Implementing keyword-rich code and content to reflect business goals

SEO Statistics to Consider

93%Online activities originating with a search engine

39%Customers coming from search engines

75%Users never scrolling past the first page of search results

High rankings on search engines are no longer optional – they’re required to gain visibility. Consumers and searchers expect instant gratification. They don’t have time to sift through dozens of search options when, in theory, Google has already done it for them. With a dependency to use technology to find information online and the vast majority of Americans using their smartphone to conduct searches in seconds, it is crucial to have an SEO strategy.

  • Google gets over 100 billion searches a month
  • The first position on Google search results made on desktops has a 34.36% click through rate
  • On mobile, the first position on Google search results has a 31.35% click through rate
  • 30% of mobile searches are related to a location
  • 20% of search queries made on Google apps and Android devices are voice searches

Statistics via Hubspot

Optimize your website today.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is a form of paid advertising geared towards search engine users. Rather than generating organic traffic through Search Engine Optimization, advertisers can participate in automated auctions to get their website in the designated advertisement section located at the top of a Google search results page. Investing in paid advertising is one of the best strategies in an information era, especially with record low conversions from popups and banner ads. The best part about Pay-Per-Click advertising is you only pay if a user clicks on your ad!
Explore your search engine advertising options by partnering with Social Spice Media.
Our team always devises new strategies to get your business noticed by your target audience.

Statistics to keep in mind when considering developing a Search Engine Marketing campaign:

The following are some critical stats to keep in mind when you are interested in Search Engine Marketing:
Google drives 95% of all paid search advertising clicks on mobile0%
73% of people dislike popup ads0%
Businesses that combine SEO and SEM efforts experience a 25% increase in clicks and a 27% increase in profits.

Statistics via  Hubspot and Business2community

Our team develops a Search Engine Marketing solution to capture the attention of search engine users who search for terms, topics, or locations related to your business. Capitalize on the amount of daily search engine traffic with an effective campaign that includes the following:

  • Keyword analysis to identify relevant search engine terms for your business
  • Routine analytical reviews of your campaign
  • Monthly budgets to maximize spending efficiency
  • Regular reviews of conversions your campaign has earned
  • Investment in ads for desktop and mobile browsers