Small Business Social Media “Don’ts”

Small Business Social Media “Don’ts”

People use social media to see work that businesses have done. If potential customers are searching for you on social media and are unable to locate you, they’ll often end up choosing one of your competitors. Every small business needs a social media presence. Like a well-designed website, social media adds to a business’ credibility. If your competitors are present on social media, and you aren’t, prospective customers will wonder why. Do you care? Are you proud of what you’re doing? Consumers today expect businesses to be transparent and, most of all, accessible. To get the most out of your business’ social channels, here are some things you should take care to avoid.

Don’t use every social channel

When it comes to social media you want quality over quantity. There are so many social media channels to choose from, which is why it’s important to do some research and figure out which channels will most benefit your business. Seriously, financial advisors don’t need SnapChat and lawyers don’t need Pinterest. (Your compliance department agrees with us.)

Don’t post mindlessly

When posting to your businesses social channels, make sure you have quality content that draws people in. Be funny! Be clever! People like content that evokes emotion; if you can get users to associate positive emotions with your branded content, you’ve won the game. Even though it might take a little time, creating content that’s valuable to your audience is the single best way to build a loyal social following. Brainstorm ideas in advance so you’ll always have content to share with your followers. For example, if there are any holidays coming up you can create posts or even giveaways pertaining to those holidays. Make sure that you’re sharing relevant content. Content that informs your audience about your businesses industry is always good to share. If you can use your social channels to curate content that creates value for your followers, they’ll stick around. Keep in mind that you don’t want to post too much, or too little content. Three to five posts a week is plenty. If you talk too much, people stop listening. If you talk too rarely, people assume you have nothing to say.

Don’t be negative

When posting to social media, it is important to stay positive! Even though some of your posts might be about current events highlighting not-so-positive subjects, you can still opt for optimism and encouragement. Offer solutions on social media as you would to a prospective customer.

Don’t get consumed in social media

Social media can be addictive. (Don’t even get us started on Pinterest!) With all the likes and comments popping up on your businesses social media pages, it can be difficult to know how much time you should spend engaging with your followers or when you should ignore it and focus instead on your work. This is where Social Spice Media comes in. We’ll manage your channels, knock out spam, and engage with your followers to promote your business. If you’re too busy to spend the necessary time on your businesses social channels, contact us today! We would love to help you with your businesses social media campaign.