Social Media Marketing In Action

Social Media Marketing In Action

Social Media is the New Word-of-Mouth, Only MUCH Faster

The concept of Social Media Marketing is nothing new.  In fact it has been around for ages.  It is the process of one friend recommending a product or service to another.

Remember the days before the internet when you needed to find a plumber, or you wanted to hear more about some hot new trend?  Who did you go to for a recommendation or to get information?  It was likely to somebody from your social network – a co-worker, neighbor, friend, or pastor.

Or, when you found a new restaurant that you loved, you were sure to tell all of your friends and acquaintances about it so they could try it.

Social Media Marketing today is not much different.   It is word-of-mouth on steroids!

For example, now you don’t have to wait for your neighbors to get home from their vacation from Hawaii to hear all about it.  Through Social Media, not only can you see all the fun things they are doing (i.e., via Facebook or their blog), but you can also find out what they think of the hotel, local restaurants and activities, and why (i.e., via Yelp or Twitter).

You, and all of your neighbors’ other friends, can instantly access a personal recommendation from someone you all like and trust.  Who knows, you or one of their friends might be booking a trip to Hawaii before your neighbors even get back into town!

With Social Media Marketing, your neighbors provided a strong endorsement for a hotel, several restaurants, shops and tourist attractions, and maybe even an airline.  What’s more is that their recommendation reached a large and attentive audience.  That is the magic of Social Media Marketing.

It goes beyond Googling something, or reading reviews on a business website.  The “social” aspect of social media gives it that personal component, which is what makes word-of-mouth so effective.  The very nature of social media is conversational.  It involves a two-way dialogue.

Unlike an advertisement, word-of-mouth is not a paid-for endorsement.  It is someone’s true opinion.  Unlike an anonymous review on Amazon or a Rant or Rave on Craigslist, a social media has an identifiable person attached to it.  Because a person’s name is on the line, he or she is going to be more thoughtful about reviews and comments.

The personal nature of word-of-mouth makes it credible.  When someone endorses something he/she puts his/her reputation on the line, which gives it weight, substance, and validity.  The personal and speed-of-light nature of social media is what makes social media marketing word-of-mouth marketing on steroids!