Getting a Good Ghostwriter

Getting a Good Ghostwriter

Ghostwriting has become a popular service among writers and digital marketing agencies. More companies are taking advantage of professional writers and their services to obtain quality content and copy for their website. Ghostwriters can create content for a business’s website as well as help them effectively maintain weekly blogs. Having a consistent flow of new information on your website is essential to making sure you don’t secure a second-place spot on search engines like Google. We’re going to review the benefits of hiring a ghostwriter and choosing a digital marketing agency that offers these services.

A message to the non-believers

Here’s an infographic from Business 2 Community for those distrustful of business blogging to show you just how important it is. They report, “Small businesses that blog get 126% more lead growth than those that don’t.” If you’re looking to increase your sales too, they also note, “Blogs are 63% more likely to influence purchase decisions than magazines.” How does that sound? Pretty good to us.

Picking a digital marketing agency to get the job done

We’re going to be honest: there are some digital marketing agencies that will offer you comprehensive marketing packages for a cheap price. But their quality is most likely going to disappoint you tremendously and you’ll spend twice as much time and money trying to fix their mistakes. It’s important to do your research before signing a contract with any agency and doing business with them.

Take a look around their website. Looks can be deceiving so it’s critical to read their content. If it contains grammatical and spelling errors or sounds like a robot wrote it, you should probably keep looking. If the website immediately looks unappealing and you don’t want to read the content, it’s safe to say you can move on.

Check out their social media profiles. Digital marketing companies can pay to have all of the followers in the world, but quality is more important than numbers here. See if they have a presence on the major social channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Instagram. Scroll through their feeds – do you like what you see? What do you think of their graphics? Examine the content they post and make sure there are no errors. You don’t want to hire an incompetent team of writers to represent your business. Read their reviews on Yelp and see what kind of feedback past clients have left. You may receive a lot of insight from their social media profiles if their website and content looks impressive.

Content and online presence says a lot about an agency’s team of writers. You want to work with a digital marketing agency that can offer you all the services you need with the expertise to get you results.

You’re busy and that’s okay

As a professional focusing on your own business, you’re probably not ready to squeeze more time out of your schedule to write blogs. A ghostwriter gives you the opportunity to create fresh, original content without sacrificing attention to your business. It’s not wise to ask another member of your team to take on writing. If they aren’t a writer or an expert in this area, then they should stick to what they do best – their job.

What does the blogging process look like?

The blogging process varies from client to client. Ultimately, we want to make your life easier and do what works best for you and your business. Blogs are typically posted on a weekly or biweekly schedule. Our team usually sends over blog titles for the month (about 4 or 5) with a brief explanation of what the blog will focus on. This way, clients have an idea of the blog content that will be posted for the month and can approve or make changes plenty of time in advance. Once a blog is written, our team of writers and editors devote time to perfecting it before it’s sent over to the client for approval. We will always make sure you have plenty of time to review the blog before it is scheduled for posting. Some clients are so busy that they may not have time to approve the blogs at all. In this case, you can approve a sample blog or the first few until you feel comfortable to leave the writing and editing up to Social Spice’s team.

What if I want to see a sample first?

The beauty of business blogging is: we’re experienced and can show you plenty of examples of our work and can even write a sample blog for you. Our writers understand that you’re the expert when it comes to your brand, which is why you get the final say on what gets posted. We will shape the blog post into what you want it to be until it’s perfect.

Are there limits to topics your agency writes about?

Not really. Writers are trained researchers, and they know how to get the information they need to write an effective and engaging blog post. But we also encourage clients to send us as much information as they want. It gives our team a clearer picture of what you want and bears accuracy. Our blog writers have experience working with clients from dental to law and know how to develop creative content that’s relevant to your brand and gets you noticed.

We want your audience to see you as the experts. Get in touch with us so we can craft creative blog content for you and increase engagement on your social channels.