The Stats Behind The Growth of Video Marketing and YouTube

The Stats Behind The Growth of Video Marketing and YouTube

The popularity of video marketing and YouTube is undeniable, and it continues to post significant growth. From a content marketing perspective, more and more businesses are putting increasing amounts of money into videos to engage and build trust with their followers and customers. From an entertainment perspective, there are a growing number of personalities taking their talents to the massive viewership that exists online, from musicians to comedians. But what exactly has changed? What are the stats behind the growth of video marketing and YouTube? What does it mean for businesses at large? Here are several current stats that may surprise you.  

6 Billion Hours Of Video Are Watched Per Month On YouTube

A million might be a number you can easily wrap your head around; maybe even 10 million or 100 million. But a billion is not an easy number to begin to conceive of. According to Digital Marketing Ramblings, As of April 2014, an incredible six billion hours of video are watched per month on YouTube. They are also showing that there are currently one billion users on YouTube, which means that the six billion monthly hours are logged by those one billion users. There’s no question that many businesses would love to be even a small part of that six billion hours.  

YouTube Is The Second Largest Search Engine On The Web

To some, this is common knowledge. To others, it’s a shocking reality. If you were to say that Google still has a corner on the search space, you would be absolutely right, because they also own YouTube. The combined search volume is simply astounding. This stat via Kissmetrics should tell you that people are searching for all kinds of things on YouTube, and that the traffic is absolutely monumental. If you don’t have a presence there, you could be missing out. There are a great many opportunities to be had on YouTube. If you’re looking for more ways to be discovered, video might be the answer you’ve been searching for.  

Online Video Users Are Expected To Double To 1.5 Billion in 2016

If you need any convincing of the growth in video, you need look no further than this Digiday stat, which shows that online video users are going to increase to an incredible 1.5 billion in 2016. That’s a little over 1/7 of the entire population of the world! In light of this fast approaching growth, it’s not hard to understand why many companies are looking to invest greater and greater amounts of money into their video and YouTube strategy. Moreover, there are still billions more that are going to be coming online in the not-too-distant future.

33% Of Tablet Owners Watch One Hour Of Video Per Day On Their Device

This stat via Brainshark isn’t just an indicator of how popular viewing videos on tablets has become. It also underscores the growth in the use of mobile devices to access online content like video. Presumably, users generating content are more likely to be owners of desktop and laptop computers, even if it is in addition to mobile devices. However, many users, especially those who are large consumers of content, have taken to devices that allow them to read, listen to, and watch their favorite content from anywhere with an internet connection. In connection, the average number of YouTube mobile video views per day is approximately one billion (Digital Marketing Ramblings).  

Embedding Videos On Your Website

Creating videos for a YouTube channel is a good strategy as you can see by the numbers. But you can take it a step further by embedding the videos in the appropriate places on your website: • Explainer videos on your homepage • About videos on your about page • Event recap videos on blog posts Social Spice Media can help you with the setup and use of your YouTube page and we can help with embedding videos on your website so the videos are the correct size and resolution.  


The popularity of video marketing will no doubt continue to grow, and the same can certainly be said for YouTube. How will you be taking advantage of the present and coming growth? Are you already riding the wave of the future, or are you in the midst of preparing your surfboard? If you don’t have a strategy for your social media marketing efforts yet, we may be able to help you. Take a look through our bundles, as we would love to work with you to develop a winning strategy.