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  You’ve probably heard of the importance of having an online presence, but how do you know which social media platforms are best? The answer depends on many things– from goals and budget to where your target audience resides online. In this post, we'll review the three most important platforms for you to build your online presence, as well as share some helpful tips on how to get started.
How important is a good logo and tagline for your business? Your logo and tagline are your brand’s first impression—the combination of letters, colors, and designs that represent your business to the world. Like any other impression, this first one can make or break you. No matter how much time and money you put into your product or service, it’s all wasted if potential customers don’t take notice and make the association between your brand and the value it offers them.
  Attention is the new currency in the world of digital marketing. Your brand’s first impression is definitely important, but grabbing that attention and keeping it   - otherwise known as “brand loyalty” - is ultimately the key to marketing success. So how do you begin to start building that loyalty with your customer base? That’s where an interest driven marketing approach comes in. If you have a solid foundation of clients, now is a good time to create a retention strategy.
You’ve got an idea, a brand, and a mission. Now it’s time to design your marketing approach on social media! Even if you’ve already implemented a plan, there’s always room for improvement. Here are some ideas to consider when planning your social media approach: