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Has your marketing strategy adapted in light of COVID-19? Now that the magnitude has set it in, business owners looking to connect with customers and maintain those relationships are re-aligning marketing strategies. Personal relationships you’ve worked so hard building over the years with customers are unequivocally valuable....

People everywhere are dreading Valentine’s Day 2021, and can you blame them? 2020 hasn’t exactly been the best year to find your soul mate – in-person or online. Those without a permanent bae usually would cope at local bars with their friends to fill the relationship void, however, once the pandemic got added to the mix, any semblance of “normal” dating got tossed out the window
Consumer buying behaviors have obviously changed quite a bit in the past few months, as shutdowns of many stores and needs for specific items have increased. Businesses and brands alike are now faced with a shift in not only how they sell their products or services, but how to structure their marketing strategies as well.
Now is the perfect time to get your business ahead of the COVID crisis by utilizing digital marketing. Although improving your website’s marketing may not seem like it should be your highest priority right now, starting sooner rather than later will allow time to plant helpful seeds that can grow into future clients! COVID-19 crisis has shown an influx in the need for marketing in the following industries: