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Your website is a virtual representation of your business and should reflect your business brand as well as its expertise, mission statement, and client base. Be sure to keep the following in mind when designing your business website:

A common misconception about blogs is that they’re only supposed to be “for fun” and that for the most part, they’re geared towards fashion and hobby enthusiasts. But you don’t have to operate an online retail space or a lifestyle brand to run a blog....

Valentine’s Day may have passed, but you need to show your customers your love for them year-round. Deciding what to purchase and who to purchase from are not choices many customers take lightly. In fact, most people have a specific system they follow before making...

You might run a well-oiled machine during your business hours but your company doesn’t get a break from building its reputation after you clock out for the day. Smart business owners already know the importance of representing their organizations on social media but unfortunately some...

Social media ranges from a powerful force to be reckoned with to a shout into the endless void of the Internet. You may have all of the social media apps in the world yet reap no benefit to your business traffic whatsoever. Aside from having a consistent and active presence on social media, there are several other factors to consider when maximizing your social media quality:
When Twitter launched in 2006, the platform challenged users to master the art of brevity in 140 characters or less. This character limit has since increased and as of 2017, tweeters can now say what they need to say in 280 characters. But even with all of Twitter’s neat benefits (immediacy, hashtags, trends, etc.), is the social media channel becoming less relevant these days? In the third quarter of 2018, the number of active Twitter users in the U.S. was about 67 million, down from 68 million earlier that year. This ebb and flow of followers isn’t necessarily unusual; over the last few years, Twitter has experienced slight rises and falls of number of users. Still, it is important to understand what may be causing the recent decline in user activity on Twitter.
They say that a picture is worth a thousand words but if you’re a marketer, you want your imaging to generate thousands of dollars, not just words. Digital marketing trends are constantly evolving but the power of great images in your social media strategy will always resonate with your audience. Social Spice Media makes the case for making compelling visual content part of your marketing plan:
As most of you know by now, it won’t be too long before the social media platform Google+ is out of the picture. Back in October, Google executives announced that Google+ would be phased out over the next several months. The news-breaking decision was made shortly after a security breach on Google+ compromised the data of more than 500,000 Google subscribers. The channel was also shuttered due to low engagement numbers.
Can you believe it’s already December? It’s almost as if November didn’t even happen. This is how many social media managers feel when the holidays seem to creep up so quickly. But just because your customers are heading out for the holidays doesn’t mean you get a break. Social Spice Media offers the following bright ideas you can use to light up your Yule season: