The Effect of Spelling Mistakes on Websites

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The Effect of Spelling Mistakes on Websites

Making mistakes on your website both visually and grammatically can be detrimental to your business. You should have no fear however; it is a common problem for almost anyone who creates a website or posts a blog on the internet. Statistically, 54% of websites contain spelling mistakes and a single spelling mistake on a site can cause conversion rates to drop by as much as 72%.   Having spelling and grammatical mistakes on your website can destroy the credibility of your business or organization. In an attempt to educate why it’s important to make sure your website is free of mistakes, here are some examples of ways that websites can wreck their image through spelling mistakes, and reasons or ways to correct those mistakes professionally:  

Website Spelling Mistakes Affect SEO

  Having spelling mistakes in the copy on your website can affect search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines won’t be able to recognize and keywords if they are misspelled. This can affect the effectiveness of your copy and ultimately drive business down if not corrected quickly. It is important to ensure that all copy on a website is correct, and especially keywords that are SEO directed.   Using spell check and making sure that all writing on your website is proofread multiple times by multiple different people will help to ensure that there are no misspelled words on your website. You’ll be able to effectively reach your target audience through the keywords in your copy, and your website will appear as professional as possible.  

Spelling Mistakes Detract Readers and Customers

  Many people associate spelling mistakes on websites with negative aspects such as spam. Spelling mistakes can make a website appear unprofessional and careless. Most consumers do not want to read about or buy products from a business that doesn’t appear to care about what they are advertising or providing.   If writing and copy is from sources that claim to be experts in the areas focused on in their blogs or website copy, spelling mistakes ultimately invalidate their message completely. This is why it is of the utmost importance for all writing on expertise to be grammatically correct and completely free of spelling errors. In order to build trust with a reader, it’s important to perfect the spelling of all words and phrases on your website or blog.    

Having Misspellings On Your Website Can Make your Business Less Competitive

  Even if your business has a better track record in whatever department or field of consumers you provide to, having spelling mistakes in your work (on your website) will put you at a disadvantage to any other competitors. In order to be a successful, optimal, and prioritized business in the area of the market that you provide to, you need to ensure that your spelling and website copy is perfect.   Athletes that compete at the highest caliber tend to perfect everything from diet, a workout routine, to the specific goals within their given sport. To be a competitive business, the idea of the professional athlete can be used as a good analogy as far as having a competitive edge goes. Perfecting your spelling and business website, much like an athlete perfects their diet and workout routine, is a crucial part of being a competitive business.  

If Your Target Audience is a Literate One, You’ll Face Some Backlash If Your Writing Isn’t Accurate

  The education level of the general public is rising, and with that, expectations of correct grammar and spelling is too. A vast majority of target audiences are adults who are literate, meaning that the average readers or consumer will notice if you have spelling mistakes in your brand or website writing.   This makes it harder to create cheap content and drives writing and website creation towards a new level of expertise. Backlash for spelling mistakes has caused big brands, newspapers, and nearly any business that uses written word incorrectly in their advertisements or written pieces and an immense amount of public backlash and embarrassment in the past.   

Try Utilizing Spell Check and Proofreaders (if available)

  Utilizing spell-check systems and having friends or colleagues proofread your writing is a great way to ensure that most if not all of the copy and writing on your website is correct. Although it may be hard to ask for assistance from other people to get proofing on writing, it’s important to do so. Having a second pair of eyes look at your writing will give you better insight into whether anything is misspelled.  

Learn From Previous Mistakes

  If you’ve made previous spelling mistakes on your websites, learn from those mistakes and put a better effort into perfecting the spelling on your website in the future. The BBC reported nearly a decade ago that spelling mistakes in the UK cost businesses millions of dollars in sales in 2011.   Since then, the businesses that suffered but improved spelling in marketing afterward most likely remained successful, while businesses who made no improvements most likely did not. Writing, especially in a marketing context, needs to be correct grammatically and have correct spelling and punctuation.  

Get Professional Assistance

  If writing is not your strong suit, but your business or organization depends on digital marketing, it may be wise to seek professional assistance with the writing utilized on your website. Social Spice Media can assist with all aspects of your digital marketing presence, including writing.   We provide complex packages that will improve the exposure of your business or organization. In congruence with your marketing goals, we’ll increase the digital presence of your business through social media marketing, business blogging, and email marketing. And our team of writers will ensure that your spelling and grammar is correct for all writing aspects of your business.   Do you know someone who could benefit from our services? Refer them to us today! Our team is eager to connect with businesses in any industry. We serve the local needs of Ventura County and Santa Barbara as well as anywhere in the United States.