Tips For Expanding Your Business on Social Media

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Tips For Expanding Your Business on Social Media

It probably comes as no surprise that social media is currently one of the most effective ways for companies to gain exposure and ultimately expand their business in this digitally driven world. Here are some tips on how to make the most of this powerful tool:

Make A Plan 

Like almost everything else in business, establishing successful social media marketing requires a plan. Simply diving into the various channels and posting whatever and whenever you feel like is unlikely to produce the results you want, which is why creating a well thought out plan for the social media aspects of your business is important and will help keep your marketing on track. You may want to start with a thorough overview of all your current social media channels. As a website owner, you can conduct an audit of your social channels yourself, or hire someone else to  do it for you. Generally, it may be more beneficial to have a third party look at how your current channels are performing. If you have few or no social channels currently active, your next step is deciding which channels are the right platforms for your business to market through (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram). Putting time and focus on the one or two that are most likely to reach your target audience is going to be much more effective than trying to maintain a presence on every channel available.

Determine Your Audience

Social media is convenient because it allows you to craft a targeted approach for your specific audience. If you have access to current customer statistics,  paying attention to trends will allow you to  easily determine who your audience is (i.e. age demographics, gender, location) and what they’re gravitating towards.

Create and Post New Content Frequently 

Once you’ve created a detailed plan for your social media marketing, decided on the most effective channels for your business and have created accounts for your brand, you’ll need to start generating engaging content. Content can be in the form of things like images and videos with captions linking to your business, blog content that can be posted on your social channels, sharing interesting articles from other sources and more. Some small businesses may not have the time or resources to create and post content as often as is necessary to keep potential and current customers engaged, which is why hiring outside sources for content creation may be beneficial.

Draw Them in With Images and Videos

Making captivating content is usually achieved by using images, and more importantly, videos! That’s right, statistically more people prefer videos over solely written content when viewing posts on social media. There are plenty of resources for creating images and videos at your disposal, such as Canva, to get you started, but it may also be worthwhile to reach out to social media marketing experts to help you choose the best tools for content creation at your business.

Engage with Customers and Utilize Their Input 

Engaging with customers in an open discussion about your brand will allow you to better adjust to what your specific consumers want, which is an important focus in marketing. Finding out what is working and what is not from your clients themselves is a definite must and will help your company improve as a whole. User-generated content is allowing brands to thrive more than ever before, so you may want to look into incorporating ways for customers to engage with your brand with things like questionnaires, contests, giveaways, etc.

Utilize Seasonal Posts for Content

Seasonal posts not only help your brand be more interactive with customers but also give you an easy way to constantly create new content. Both you and your customers experience different seasonal occasions, which is why posting about them gives you the ability to connect directly with the people who enjoy your products or services.   

Optimize Hashtags (and use the right ones!)

Although you may not be using hashtags for all your channels (they can actually negatively affect your SEO on certain platforms), you might want to research some of the top ones for your goods or services and start with using those. As time moves one, you can expand your library of optimal hashtags, which will allow customers to find your website with ease.

Monitor The Competition

It hasn’t always been easy for small businesses to find out what their competition is doing, but with social media, it’s simply a click away. Taking note of what competitors are doing and where the market is shifting can be very beneficial to your marketing strategy.

Focus on Quality, Not Quantity

While having posts on every social media channel may seem great for exposure, it’s more beneficial for your small business to post quality content on specific platforms rather than posting as much content as possible everywhere. Every business attracts different kinds of customers with different needs and wants, which is why your small business may only need to post minimally on a few platforms, while others may need to post multiple times daily on many channels. The best way to truly determine what is best for your business is to contact a social media marketing specialist.

Use Tools That Help

Creating content for social media requires time and effort, but there are tools that make the process easier such as graphic design software, analytics, or post scheduling applications. However, not all tools are created equal,  so consulting with specialists on which tools may be the most advantageous to your business can help save you time and help get your started on the right foot.

Scheduling Content

Once you’ve established accounts for your brand on various social media platforms, you may want to use a scheduling application to pick and choose when your content will post to your channels. This allows you to plan and create content ahead of time – a sort of “set it and forget”, if you will – and still gives you the ability to change any upcoming posts if need be.

Track Your Performance 

Some analytics software allow you to see how well your brand is doing on various social media platforms over specific periods of time. Building your brand’s presence on social media will take time, so you may not see definitive results right away.  However, tracking your performance will help give you a clearer look at the big picture, and with continued efforts, success is possible.

Progress is Possible!

If this seems like a lot of work to get your business out there on social media, that’s because it is. Companies often don’t have enough time or manpower to successfully expand through social media, which is why hiring another business to do it for you may be an avenue to pursue. Are you looking for help with content creation and expanding your business on social media? Social Spice Media provides complex packages that will improve the exposure of your business or organization. In line with your marketing goals, we’ll increase the digital presence of your business through social media marketing, business blogging, and email marketing. Our talented web developers can improve the appearance of your website and business as a whole. Get in contact with us today to get your business booming on social media.