Valentine’s Day the Covid Way

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Valentine’s Day the Covid Way

People everywhere are dreading Valentine’s Day 2021, and can you blame them? 2020 hasn’t exactly been the best year to find your soul mate – in-person or online. Those without a permanent bae usually would cope at local bars with their friends to fill the relationship void, however, once the pandemic got added to the mix, any semblance of “normal” dating got tossed out the window   COVID-19 has restricted us to zoom dates and social distanced picnics in the park for almost a year! With colder weather knocking out some outdoor activity options, it may be hard to plan a date with your potential match. While a glass of wine and a funny movie could typically get you through a solitary quarantine night, Valentine’s Day adds an extra layer of loneliness when you can’t see that special someone in person that a glass (or three) of wine may not solve.   However, if 2020 taught us anything, it’s that a little flexibility and creativity can go a long way in today’s world – and that can be applied to the world of dating as well!  If you need some quarantine friendly ideas to help you and your match-make the most of the upcoming romantic holiday, we’ve got your back:   quiz for covid date  


  Sites like Eventbrite sell tickets to virtual events that are fun and worth checking out! Events range from fundraisers to virtual cooking classes that you and your date can do together or over Facetime. Missing the days of live music? To add some spice to your night inside, you can tune into a virtual concert. For example, Josh Groban will be performing on Valentine’s Day in celebration of his new album.   If you haven’t looking into virtual events yet, we guaranty you will be pleasantly surprised at the wide range of activities you can participate in online these days. If your date appreciates a good drink, try signing up for a virtual cocktail course. Or, if they prefer to chug water over booze, sign up for a virtual 5k run! Either way, your date is sure to be impressed with your ingenuity when you find a virtual event option that you both will enjoy.   Pro Tip: Make sure you both can physically run a 5k before signing the two of you up!  


  If you and your date have been seeing each other (safely) and you know you’ve both been taking the proper COVID precautions, have them over for a night in. To add some extra romance to the date, try making fondue, s’mores in the fireplace, or just cooking a delicious meal together. Not super comfortable in the kitchen? Not a problem! Meal kits like Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, and Green Chef not only ship the ingredients you need straight to your home, they also provide directions that you can easily follow for a gourmet tasting meal cooked at home.   If you both already cook well, make it a cook-off! To add a little more competition, pick each other’s ingredients and see what they can make with the choices you picked for each other.   If your date is a free spirit, take apart the couch and build a fort to enjoy your food and drinks in! Pro Tip: Make a playlist with songs that go with the vibe of your chosen activity.  


  Since couple massages, pubs, and instructed wine paint classes are likely closed or booked up, recreate it yourself. Pick up some art supplies at a craft store and set up a table to paint, either on a canvas or take it up a notch by painting each other.   If you know your date well and think they will appreciate it, pick up some massage oil and take turns giving each other massages. (Note: If this is a first date, don’t put your date in a scenario where they feel obligated to massage you, it may come off differently than you intended).   Missing the pub atmosphere? Order a dartboard or set up a beer pong table, or just find a two-player game that will allow you to enjoy each other and promote banter. If you have a gaming system, choose an old school game to play together, such as:  
  • Sonic
  • Mortal Combat
  • Super Mario Cart
  • Donkey Kong


  If your date is fine with the cold weather, there are plenty of outdoor activities to choose from that still keep you socially distanced from others. For instance, grab some blankets and go look at the stars, or take it one step further and download a stargaze app that helps you identify the constellations visible in your area. Not only is it cool to know exactly what you are looking at, your date will most likely appreciate the extra effort.   You can also combine stargazing with other romantic activities like packing up some seltzers and dessert for an evening truck bed picnic or camping night! Don’t feel comfortable leaving home? Set up a tent in your backyard to add some romance to your evening without having to compete for a camping spot surrounded by other campers.  


  If you already know your Valentine, then book a night away in a cabin or beachfront hotel. Although indoor dining will likely be closed, the change of scenery will be enough since you have both been spending a lot of time at home. Make sure to research what the COVID-19 guidelines are in the city you are visiting so you can follow them and get away safely.  


  Some people live with family members that are immune-compromised and won’t be able to meet up in person. However, just because you can’t meet up doesn’t mean you can’t re-make your favorite ideas above into an equally fun virtual activity.   Create a surprise factor by ordering your favorite Door Dash meals and have them delivered to both of you so you can “eat” virtually together! If you want to get cheesy with it, there are place where you can order heart shaped pizzas for delivery. Games like beer pong can also be played through a computer. Set up your computer across the table and place cups on both ends. Whenever they make a cup, pull it for them and enjoy the silliness of the whole thing.   Apps like these can also provide a gaming experience for your virtual date:  
  • Words with Friends
  • HQ Live Trivia
  • Drawing with Friends
  Whether you are newly dating or in a full-blown relationship, any of these ideas are sure to impress! If you are unsure what your new match will enjoy, try taking this quiz: